Posted on: 31-01-2016

First up for 2016 – all the tracks I couldn’t fit in over the last few months. A lot of vinyl, and also a lot of house/electronic bits I’ve bee dying to play but failed to. The tracklist speaks for itself, links to buy each one in vinyl or digital format are below!


Gloria Ann Taylor – Love is a Hurtin’ Thing. Sweet Lord. Get thee to a record dealer immediately and grab this double vinyl re-issue. It’s just too got not to have – soulful as hell, with some super interesting production, not least on the long version of the title track (used to open this month’s show). Ubiquity come correct with this one.

LNRDCROY – Much Less Normal. Not for nothing was this Phonica’s record of 2015. Balearic in the best sense of the word, but with more electronics than just a recording of soothing waves on a beach. There are some really great tracks but the whole thing hangs together in such a way that means you want to listen from beginning to end each time. Recommended.

Soichi Terada – Sounds from the Far East. Rushhour in Amsterdam compiled this, and it’s definitely for fans of late 80s/early 90s house sounds – if you like Mr. Fingers you’re gonna love this. Japanese house for all ages.

(Hopefully) big news for WYWRadio next month. Stay tuned.

VS presents…twentyfifteen

Posted on: 16-01-2016


This month’s show is brought to you by the dulcet tones and toned abs of the heart and soul of the crew, DJ SCSI-b…over to you..

Vámonos lejos

An hour of power to ferry you from wherever you are to wherever you’re spending the holidays and New Year this end of 2015.

We start out with Carla Morrison, a huge leap forward on her new album, fierce Amor Supremo. Get it, you won’t regret it. Then, dance supremo from Colombia’s Bomba Estéreo before awesome punky/electronic angular stuff out of DC from Beauty Pill. We woke up to Sleater-Kinney soundchecking A New Wave outside our window in Barcelona, what better way to start the day? Great albums from Father John Misty, Wilco, Sufjan Stevens and more this year. Frontera stylings from Calexico, before a little something for family members heading home to the suburbs for the new year and wrapping up with exceptional stuff from Grimes.

Until the next one!

Un Beso – Carla Morrison
Mar (Lo Que Siento) – Bomba Estéreo
Drametomania! – Beauty Pill
A New Wave – Sleater-Kinney
Sea Calls Me Home – Julia Holter
Strange Encounter – Father John Misty
Them Changes – Thundercat/Flying Lotus
No Comprende – Low
All of Me Wants All of You – Sufjan Stevens
How Much a Dollar Cost – Kendrick Lamar
Random Name Generator – Wilco
Cumbia de Donde – Calexico
Hasta la Raíz – Natalia Lafourcade
Cheer Up, My Brother – HNNY
Depreston – Courtney Barnett
Artangels – Grimes


Posted on: 17-12-2015

At the end of 2015, I’m gonna let this one speak for itself. The top tunes that have been shaking walls this year at WYWRadio, all served up in a two hour mix that takes in jazz, soul, funk, quiet storm, and indie. Honk if you enjoy, see you on the flipside!


Posted on: 21-11-2015

Oh my. A bit late due to various injuries and illnesses, but here it is – no. 82 and almost the last one of the year. A lot of vinyl this time out, and a lot of rare tunes from South Africa of all places. I was able to go record shopping there back in August, and have been waiting to put these together for you since then. I had no idea at all about the richness of the soul and funk sound down there, and was lucky enough to get some 70s and 80s bits that I think you’re gonna like! All hail Brenda and the Big Dunes, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Harari, The Sweet Beats, Richard Jon Smith – and loads more!

Plenty of other good stuff in the mix too, the end of 2015 is being v.kind to us. Some recommends:

Matthew Halsall and the Gondwana Orchestra – Into Forever. The album’s available on Bandcamp and all fans of the Cinematic Orchestra and/or Pharaoh Sanders and/or spiritual jazz should go get now. Tasty stuff with a real Leon Thomas vibe

Bastien Keb – Dinking in the Shadows of Zizou. A kinda of concept album around Zinedine Zidane, lots of wonk around some choice beats. Definitely fitting with that One-Handed Records/Paul White vibe.

Pete Josef – Colour. I picked up the EP, and now the album is out on Sonar Kollectiv. One for lovers of folk-soul, and that particular kinda Jazzanova-ish sound. Sonar Kollectiv still coming correct!

VS presents ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’

Posted on: 16-11-2015


So, you might know that Ringfinger, SCSI-b and the other one (Kurac) of the VS crew also DJ in their space time in a troop called Babypop. Well, that is not entirely true. We used to DJ. Now, we just imagine a set of decks and close our eyes and remember the days of go-go dancers, fashion photographers and DJ Jazzy Jeff. And you think I am joking…. :)

So, in our semi retirement we started making a podcast of all the stuff we could never play at our shows because it was too slow, or that the artist just had funkier tracks, or even the groove just wasn’t right for one of our joints. Mainly because Kurac owned the playlist and Ringfinger’s collections was shall we say, not included! Well now, we bring you ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ – a 30 minute podcast playing rare vinyl, one euro thrillers, odd album tracks and the like from France, from Belgium, from Germany, from Spain. But mainly from France. A country that each of us loves, adores and respects. There is no greater musical tradition than chanson, and we salute it this week, last week and most every week. From Polnareff to Vartan, from France to Francois, this music lives and breathes culture, freedom, fun and what it means to be French and European. Vive Le France.

Here are the first four shows for your pleasure. For all the tracks, covers and more info, you can drift across to our sister site Babypop.


Posted on: 03-10-2015

Q4. Closer and closer to the end of the year. Music keeps coming through though and this time out it’s mostly of the new and more recent variety – jazz from Lord Echo, three from the Praise Poems II compilation on the excellent Tramp Records, a couple off of second part of Psychmagick’s brilliant Magic Sunset compilation on Leng, Paul White’s new Golden Rules collaboration with Eric Biddines – all rather wonderful. There’s more a of synthy lets-pretend-the-summer-isn’t-over feel in the middle of the show with new stuff from CFCF, Suzanne Kraft, Woolfy vs. Projections and the Lisbon Kid. To finish I’ve dug out some recent oddpop music so you’ve got tracks from Boycrush, Delux, Toro y Moi and Miracle Fortress. Hopefully something for everyone!

Three LPs you might want this month:

Various – Praise Poems Vol II: You could do far worse than invest in this one – funk, soul and jazz with a kinda spiritual or even folky twist. 20 (!) tracks, nearly all US, well worth it

Various – Magick Sunset Vol II: Psychemagick are kings of the weirder end of the balearic-yacht axis, and this comp (and Volume I before it) is super tasty with mostly instrumentals (the vocal tracks are found on Vol I) that chime, reverb and generally make a good headspace for sitting on the beach sipping a cocktail or whatever at the end of the day. Seriously recommended.

Toro y Moi – What For? Late to the party for this one, which is odd because I think I picked up most of his other releases early. This time out Chaz Bundick plays a bit more guitar and the whole thing feels a bit more like a band are getting down. The songs are still great though, everything’s really quite poppy in its own way.

Remember, click on the songs below to be taken to a place on the Internet where you can part with your hard earned money and feed an artist. Or an A&R man. Or Clive Davis.

VS 2015 Show 3 – Boogaloo (translation: ˌbuːɡəˈluː/)

Posted on: 13-09-2015

ENOCH LIGHT lights the fire of Dr Liswood (aka 16 orgasms)
Driving Stupid – Fast City!
Hammersmith Gorillas – You really got me
The Blackbirds – She
Rev C.L Franklin – I am going through part 1
Rusty Adams – If Jesus played guitar
Irene Ryan – Granny’s Mini Skirt
Leona Williams – Country girl with hot pants on
Pedro Roche Y Lupe Martinez – Contrabandistas Tequilero
Los Corraleros – Baila Mi Boogaloo
Coco Lagos y sus Orates – Guajira Boogaloo
Gilberto Gil – Viramundo
Cem Caraka -Oy Babo
Johnny Hallyday – Rivière… ouvre ton lit
Claude Francois – Magnolias For Ever
Gianni Lazzaro – Si
Yoko Ono – A Thousand Times Yes
Bonus Track – Ken Nordine -Magenta

Yeah hup. Welcome back to VS 2015 and our third show for the year. We are positively exhausted from the effort. Just back from the world tour of record stores that served as our research trip for the show, we returned to our Bahamas lair with arms full of vinyl, a fist full of beats, a murder of crows and a throng of arrest warrants (all for SCSI-b). But hey, we have decided to change it up a bit. Yes, Ringfinger is in the house, SCSI-b reveals her true identity and Kurac drops in late in the day. For the first time in over 10 years we are all in the same studio, well kind of, well actually, I think we have had to do a Brandon Lee in the Crow and use some old footage of Kurac when he young and handsome. Ah, how fake is Hollywood?

We start with some stern advice from Sex Education specialist Dr Rebecca Liswood who takes is through how women organs (in her opinion) and recounts the story of scaring the shit out of canasta players. Sexy. Next up we have garage from 1966 and the Driving Stupid with the crazy ‘Fast City’ We follow that with the Hammersmith Gorillas and their 1974 cover of the Kinks You Really got me. This slab of proto-punk has been comped on a recent Soul Jazz comp called ‘Sick on You! One Way Spit!’ We finish this little bracket with the Blackbirds, a german psych band and later one of the progenitors of Krautrock, go figure. This is from 1968 if you are keeping count.

We start the next batch with one of the most prolific preachers on record, the Rev, C.L Franklin and his lo-fi “I am going through part 1’. Released on the well-0known Checker label (part of Chess), the Rev recorded with no less a gospel singer than Aretha Franklin. According to the interns ‘Tragically, he was shot during a robbery attempt at his house in Detroit in June 1979. He remained in a coma for 5 years and died on July 27, 1984’ Get’s the mood just right for the next track. On the wonderful Plantation Records, this one shot 45 from Rusty Adams implies that if Jesus was a guitar player, he would, most definitely play country music. Aside from perhaps joining Throbbing Gristle or taking the spot of Zayn in One Direction, we here at VS agree with ole Rusty. We stay country for the next two songs, both about various items of Southern pret-a-porter. We start with Irene Ryan who play Granny in the sixties TV show Beverly Hillbillies and her Grandpa destroying twist and jerk. Next up, we go for hot pants, on a country singer? Never? Country girl with hot pants on is by Leona Williams and was released on the Hickory label in 1971. And just for Kurac, it is important to note that Leona did a duet with his hero Merle Haggard in 1983. No accounting for taste.

SCSI-b explains the next batch of tracks so much better in the show, and I am lazy and can’t be arsed typing notes, especially with all those Spanish characters. So, listen to the damn show!

Oy Babo is that grand combination of Turkish music released in Germany (for the huge Turkish diaspora there). This track is from 1971 and is HUGE. And then it just so much fucking bigger with this amazing Johnny Hallyday track, it is a psych masterpiece from one of the greatest singers of all time. Produced and played on by Mick jones from Foreigner, Glyn Johns (producer of the Beatles), this track just smashes your brain with guitar breaks. Genius.

Disco now, which is no way counter to the majesty of Hallyday. We start with Claude Francois. Now this track was a huge hit for the late French singer, but has always passed me by, mainly because there are few garage motifs, psych crazy or ye-ye for my gallic tastes. But on second listening, it is a stinking disco track. 1977 (pedant). We match this with Gianni Nazzaro, Italian crooner who in 1980 dropped this little piece of funkiness. Wow. The other side is straight Italo-croon, Lord knows how this got in there. Finally, Jona Lewie with his 1976 rarity Hallelujah Europa (part 1). This is a controversial song with a very controversial clip which you can find on YouTube. You know how to search, do it yourself! Let’s take this puppy home with Yoko Ono. Really. Yoko. From 1973, and the Feeling the Space LP and the track ‘A Thousand Times Yes’. Funky, and not featuring John Lennon (on this track).

And there is a bonus track, dedicated to @donnalanclos, who reminded me of the majesty that is Ken Nordine.


Posted on: 22-08-2015

A bit of delay for #80 what with the summer break and various nuptial happenings. Fear not though, here’s two hours of gospel funk, hiphop source material, Northern heartbreakers, psychedelic imaginings from the north of England, Balearic flights of fancy, and a song by DJ Koze that sounds like it has Margaret Thatcher talking about Ecstasy. I’ll leave my descriptions there, and leave y’all to fathom your way through this latest offering. As ever it’s a mix of old and new, vinyl and digital. More soon!

For your prolonged listening pleasure:

  • Wilco – Star Wars. It was free! For a bit! Now out on all formats, Wilco dropped this out of nowhere last month and it’s got everything that Wilco fans want.
  • Glenn Astro – Throwback. Not on this show either, you’ll have to wait until next time out. This one is all over the space jazz place, soulful electronics with a lot of bottom end that demands a good stereo. Go get.

    Four Tet – Morning/Evening. One amazing thing about an eMusic monthly subscription is that every song costs only 49 cents. This means that the rather mighty album from Four Tet, which consists of only two songs, can be yours for €0.98! Which is great value as this one’s a monster. Two slow builders of around 20 mins each, eastern influences, and the Four Tet sound all the way through. Ace.


Posted on: 29-06-2015

Soul soul soul, as the Wild Magnolias once said. We’re awash with it this time out on WYWRadio, bringing a good mix of vinyl wonder, and some new tasty digital gems. I’ll let your ears do the work rather than my fingers do the typing, just be aware that you’re in for new stuff from the Moton edits crew, Roots Manuva, The Oufit, Paul Weller and Jamie XX. The ladies bring the soul pressure, outreach from Dionne Warwick, Sharon Revoel, and Zulema. Then in the second half of the show get your yacht on – two tracks from the Too Slow to Disco Volme 2 comp, plus some hot hot cheese from Farrell & Farrell, and Deliverance. To finish: a Braindfeeder double, Thundercat on his own, and as bass for the awesome Kamasi Washington. Speaking of which…

Three things:

– Kamasi Washington – The Epic is the album, and how rightly named. Three bits of vinyl 174, mins running time, and enough spirit that you can shake a spirit stick at. Channeling Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, and lord knows how many other great spiritual jazz players, it’s essential if you’re ever feeling like going on a three hour jazz journey. Which, fair enough, some of you won’t be, but for those who do venture down the rabbit hole, you won’t be disappointed…

– Paul Weller – Saturns Pattern. I’ve had it on repeat. God knows what album this is for Weller, but this one has it all, psychedelic bits, choruses, doo-waahs, and all sorts.

– Perfect Motion – Not played on the show yet but a double LP of the second wave of psychedelia which apparently was about 1988-1991. Well, I was there, and it was craaaazy. Caroline True records has put out this great compilation to celebrate this time, with tracks from The High, Shack, Primal Scream, St. Etienne, the Pet Shop Boys (!) and other more ravey types. Bonza songs and lovely cover art too.



Posted on: 06-06-2015

Vinyl fest this week. A bit delayed due to exporting sound issues – no one likes a too quiet podcast. Let me know how this sounds, feedback appreciated!

Due to the lateness I’ll keep this short – giving you tracks from the funk and soul end of the late 70s, with big hitters like Aquarian Dream, Richard Evans, Ice (formerly Lafayette Afro-Rock Band, formerly The Bobby Boyd Congress) and awesome Milton Wright. Rarer stuff from Raw Soul Express. new tracks from Flako, Nebraska, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Roisin Murphy. Freakfolk. Praise Poems, A young Disciples sample revisit. A multi-track selection from the Morning Side of Love compilation volume 2 that I never knew existed. Marvellous jazz from Roy Haynes. You’ve got WhatYouWant radio!

Three things:

– Roisin Murphy – Hairless Toys. Ew, the title could put you off but this is an ace LP. It’s got a few slowies on it, more than I expected, but every track has something. Fave would be the one on the show, Evil Eyes

– Milton Wright – Friends and Buddies. my God, what an LP Friends and Buddies is. Well, at least the version I’ve picked up recently which is the one Athens of the North have reissued based on the original master tapes that were thought lost in a fire. Stripped down, soulful, a must-get

– Psychemagick – Magic Sunset Volume 1. Not on until the next show, but a great new yacht rock/balearic compilation with some mid-pace chuggers for those cocktail evenings by the sea. Volume 2 is soon come, and Too Slow to Disco Volume 2 is also around the corner.

Leaving you with this – RSS Disco, the German crew who WYWRadio is in love with and fellow members of The Good Taste Club, have a residency in Ibiza this summer. Go! Get your tickets now!