VS 2015 – Show 1 – Demis is da best

Posted on: 13-01-2015


How to achieve sexual harmony in marriage vs Bongos
Jocko Bozo – The Firemen
Agitated – The Electric Eels
Hilton Bomber – Thought Criminals
Diseases – Thrush and the C*nts
Sick of myself – Primitive Calculators
This is not about us – Kindness
Silver – Caribou
Lord of the Flies – Demis Roussos
Whole Lotta Love – Dieter Zimmerman
Ne igram uz ritam taj – Boye
Citadel – Elektricni Orgazm
Just because I am not the man I used to be – Jim Richards
I remember Elvis Presley – Danny Mirror
Definitive History – Augie March
Bury Our Friends – Sleater Kinney

Well, the year was 2014 and we were so exhausted from the effort of bringing you one show and one best of 2014 (and SCSI-b did all the work for that one). We needed to take a sabbatical on the private VS island located in the Dutch Antilles (eiland veel sodomie). We needed to find our ‘zen space’. We needed to have Ringfinger deloused. Kurac needed to serve out his time as the Deputy Pope. So we now return refreshed and happy in 2015 with our first show of the year. And we start as we left off with the usual heady mix of innocently spoken word made dirty by the sexual grinding of lounge beats. This time we corrupt the engaging Dr Rebecca Liswood off her late sixties record ‘Hear how to achieve sexual harmony in marriage’ entangled with the fevered bongo magic of Les Baxter, Ringfinger is so infantile.

Next up two tracks from the diseased mind of Kurac. Jocko Bozo is a Devo cover from 1979 by the new wave band ‘The Firemen’ whose discography is shorter than SCSI-b’s. The Electric Eels were a Cleveland, OH band formed in the early 70s, who played only 5 live shows but had a reputation for violence that was second to none. This was a single put out in 1978 by Rough Trade.

We move onto Australian post-punk now. Naughty words abound in this set so those with sensitive dispositions, why are you listening to a show called Vinyl Sod…oh wait, I promised SCSI-b that it would remain just VS. Dang. The Thought Criminals are an amazing band out of Sydney in the late 1970s. All of their stuff is stupidly rare, but we have this original single called ‘Hilton Bomber’. For those Aussies amongst this song is about a bombing of the Sydney Hilton Hotel in 1978. The band featuring Roger Grierson, noted label and band manager reformed in 2006. Following that we have a track from the 1985 Australian movie soundtrack ‘Dogs in Space’ which was directed by Richard Lowenstein and starred Michael Hutchence. Thrush and the C*nts were part of the little band scence in Melbourne in the early eighties. The Little Band scene got its name from “Little Band nights”, gigs organised in Melbourne by members of Primitive Calculators. Thats why we play some Primitive Calculators and a new-ish song released in 2012. The other side references the previous band.

SCSI-b keeps it real now. She starts with the Kindness, which was one of her best of 2014 picks and then rockets into Caribou and a track from their 2014 LP ‘Our Love’. There ain’t much more to say there, these songs segue perfectly into the next set which starts with the Demis Roussos. Oh yes, we went there. This track is a masterful cut from 1971 and come just after the breakup of Aphrodite’s Child, the band Demis helmed with Vangelis. Yes, we went there as well. We follow this up with an incredibly funky cover of Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin, orchestrated by the German baton wielder Dieter Zimmerman, which was released in 1971 on his ‘Meine Welt’ LP.

Boye were a Serbian (Yugoslavian) band from the late 1980s. Originating in Novi Sad, this track comes from their 78 record. According to Google Translate, the song title means ‘I don’t play with the Rhythm’. I will have to ask Kurac what it actually means. Next up we have another former Yugoslavian band, Električni Orgazam, this time from Belgrade, and a track from the 1983 Les Chansons Populaires covers LP. This cover of the Stones ‘Citadel’ is absolutely stinking. Right, coming to the end of the show and we take it down a bit now and time for some country music, this track being a perfect example of why country is a genre that never stops giving. We follow that up with an Elvis tribute by Dutch singer Danny Mirror, which apparently charted all across Europe in 1977. Linked by some of the simply transcendental ‘Having fun on stage with Elvis’ LP (for newbies this record is a spoken word album of all the weird stuff Elvis said between songs in his fat period – I first got a copy in 1989 and gave it Kurac. It has taken me until October 2014 to find a copy of my own, which I did in Washington DC). SCSI-b takes us home with the new Augie March and the new Sleaster Kinney, both unexpected treats at the end of 2014.

Well, that is it for us, we shall see you in 2016, after we have recovered from this amazing effort.


Posted on: 29-12-2014

Best of 2014 yo!

Well, by the time you’re hearing this I’m guessing your Christmas is done and dusted and you’re sitting surrounded by piles of lovely new vinyl, CDs, download coupons or gramaphone records depending on your hipness. But the question remains – how many of your favourite tunes this year made it into the WYWRadio best of 2014? This mailout I’m not going to break it down for you track by track but instead I’m asking you to get yourself cosy, put on your headphones or your stereo, and kick back with two hours of tunes from the best records of the year, with tracks all over the indierockbalearicbeatshousedisco spectrum. A full tracklisting is below with names you’ll know and love – or maybe not (yet) so just dive in and enjoy. WhatYouWant Radio will resume normal service at the end of January. Have a great New Year folks!!

Mr Six.

VS 2014: Hello, Goodbye: Best of 2014

Posted on: 04-12-2014


A year of unexpected albums from artists assumed retired, farewell albums from others, and slimmer pickings for new artists: that’s DJ SCSI’s 2014. In a year which found your correspondent DJ coming and going from every continent, quite often the best place to be was a couch at home, headphones optional.

All round:
Classical album of the year – Become Ocean – John Luther Adams
Comeback of the year – Havens Dumb – Augie March

This year, no classical on the podcast as the year’s finest was a 43 minute piece that I couldn’t chop up for the podcast. So you’ll just have to check out Become Ocean all on your own. Hundred Waters kick proceedings off for real, an ethereal glistening beast. Actress next, with a track from what is supposedly his final album. We’ll see. Onwards to Flying Lotus and an album which was all over the shop with fewer standout tracks than previous efforts, but after Lone it leads into Thom Yorke whose second solo album had more to say about distribution than musically, but managed a couple of decent tunes including Guess Again! Influences from all those that precede clearly worn on a sleeve (Actress, FlyLo etc) yet still clearly Thom. When’s that new Radiohead album coming, then?

tUnE-yArDs’ singalong qualities made for regular listening in the latter part of the year. Don’t we all feel like Mr Tembo sometimes? “It’s where he is now but it wasn’t what he planned”. It’s about an elephant. Genius. The War on Drugs bring us the kind of indie that’s been missing for a long while. Caribou, so hard to choose from a standout album, when Silver comes soaring in at 3:27 it’s magic. Constant repeat. True too for Jungle: falsettos and soul, what’s not to like? St Vincent kept me good company in Jakarta with Rattlesnake. TV on the Radio burst through with a fantastic new album in November, and Beck recovered from back injury with his best in some time.

Angie March haven’t made easy listening with Definitive History – a clear swipe at the Abbott government and its impact: “strangers welcome, just not here”. A truly unexpected return from a band that had all but disappeared. Streaming’s probably the best way to hear Havens Dumb outside of Australia, no local Europe release as yet, but it’s worth seeking out. We stay in the region for Neil Finn, In My Blood has only the lightest touches of Dave Fridmann’s production, just right.

To wrap up the year, and to bring up the tempo, we go latin! SeŽbastian Tellier got carried away with a concept album that had something to do with Brazil (World Cup was good timing?) and Romeo Santos tore up the charts with Odio despite Drake phoning it in: “he speaking Spanish, I get it translated” huh. This year I got hooked on listening to Super Estrella (Spanish language station out of California – be glad I haven’t included this year’s biggest hit, Bailando), and from there to close out 2014 something truly huge, catchy and tragic, Decidiste Dejarme (You Decided to Leave Me). And with that, I leave you, until next year!

And to the tunes:
Out Alee – Hundred Waters
Gaze – Actress
Obligatory Cadence – Flying Lotus
Meeker Warmer Energy – Lone
Guess Again! – Thom Yorke
Hey Life – tUnE-yArDs
Mr Tembo – Damon Albarn
Disappearing – The War on Drugs
Silver – Caribou
Time – Jungle
Rattlesnake – St Vincent
Careful You – TV on the Radio
Say Goodbye – Beck
Definitive History – Augie March
In My Blood – Neil Finn
Ricky L’Adolescent – Sebastian Tellier
Odio – Romeo Santos featuring Drake
Decidiste Dejarme – Camila


Posted on: 29-11-2014

Breaks and beats ladies and gentlemen, breaks and beats. A show of two halves, first of all giving you some of the best heavy funk and soul used by various hip hop heads over the years, and then we get all up in your nicely produced grill during the second hour when we go a bit more electronic and disco. Nice.

Oh, and there’s a 12 minute jazz track in the middle.

So what do we have? Loads of fruit off of DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist’s tree, is what. A recent dig hooked me up with some unofficial compilations of tracks from the legendary Brain Freeze mix, as well as an old Ultimate Breaks and Beats vinyl to boot. Therefore you’re getting beauties from the 20th Century Steel Band, The Turtles (they’re Chief Kamanawanalea!), Gary Bryd, Alvin Cash, Eddie Bo, Pleasure Web and the Unity Committee. An unreleased Galt MacDermot track finishes the run – mental drum breaks and whatnot abound.

Light in the Attic (a brilliant label) have re-issued everything off of Sly Stone’s Stone Flower label which operated between 1969 and 1971 and utilised a woozy sound and early drum machines. I’ve picked two tracks by Little Sister, a band featuring Sly’s, er, little sister – the rest of the comp is just as good though.
I’ve been wanting to play Woodland Conclave for a while but I needed a 12 minute space for this wonderjazz effort. It’s worth the wait.

After the jazz, the electronic. Speed Painters off of the new Cut Copy-curated compilation out of Melbourne (another great record to pick up for xmas, folks), and then a 2010 track from Cantoma who does good Adriatic. Check the lush pads on Classic Man after that – NYC house from the end of the 80s.

International Feel is a label that rarely disappoints, so I’ve added Talamanca System’s ‘ Balanzat’ to the show for more early 1990s sounds. Definitely getting the 808 state vibe on this one.

Marc Mac is back. The new Nu Era lp is sweet, and you get the mighty moving ‘ Changing Form’

After that some modern soul courtesy of Ivan Neville, Kano doing ‘ Can’t Hold Back’ which is a bit of a classic, Spiritual South doing more of that nearly disco thing with ‘Gonna Getcha’, then stone cold West End legendary stuff (it said on Phonica) from Shirley Lites – I believe it might be a Larry Levan fave.

At this point we’re getting close to disco so Ecstasy, Passion and Pain keep the faith, and then we hit the 80s with Donna Allen which is featured on the new Late Night Tales comp put together by Groove Armada. You can’t move for classics on that one.

To finish: ‘Ride’ from the new TV on the Radio record. The whole LP is a winner and a WYWRadio recommend. Make TV on the Radio happy this Christmas people.

Next time is Best of 2014 time!


Posted on: 04-11-2014

Oh my. Five years now and a new microphone. Hope it helps you enjoy the show better…

More of the old, the new and the simply 80s this week. Chileans Elkin and Nelson are my find of the year I guess, and the copy of their Angels and Demons LP I found the other week is now my prized possession. You get ‘Abran Pasa-Ahoa’.

Daptone come correct with two: Budos Band getting afro with ‘Crimson Skies’ (tracks off of new Budos LP in future shows I think) and the Menahan Street Band revisit the Rocky soundtrack with ‘Going The Distance’. Acid Jazz from Gene Ammons and some lush soul from Flowers and then Business Before Pleasure completes this early segment. Some quality re-issues of sevens around at the moment, I can tell you…

Infracom are 20 years old. That makes me feel a little…old. Still the comp they’ve put out to celebrate is nice, and I’ve selected one of the more jazzy vocal ones for you – ‘A Chance for Peace’ by Mop Mop feat. Sara Syed.

Kindness and Caribou have new LPs out. If you liked the previous ones, you’ll find something on these new slabs. For me the first half of the Kindness LP is the better bit, and the Caribou one has some lovely pieces, including ‘Silver’.

Beats! Wun Two and Flylo.

Geetars!! Muddy Waters (from the second Charles Stepney produced LP!) and Cymbals Eat Guitars.

There’s a great EP out of little beats on Closer records called ‘Vacation Bye Bye’ (the Wun Two track is also on it) but the longest track is the best, a re-working of a Marvin classic and called, well, ‘Vacation Bye Bye’. Deepness.

Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers from Back in the day with ‘What About This Love?’ and a kinda almost modern take on the same sound from Marquis Hawkes feat. Stee Downes. Mmm-hmmm.

Disco! Earth Wind and Fire get reworked by Spiritual South, then we have Jean Adebambo from the recent Under the Influence comp by Nik the Record on Z Recordings, then those famous Soulboys of the Western World, Spandau Ballet. Yes, Spandau Ballet. Next time: Nik Kershaw.

To finish: Cos/Mes get the Prins Thomas treatment, and there’s the awesomely driving Social Disco Club being remixed by Soft Rocks from the recent Is it Balearic? compilation. Cherry on top: Joe Smooth’s ‘Promised Land’, apparently a big one with Paul Weller in his Style Council days…

BIG love to all the WYWRadio folks who made it out to the party at the Lion at the weekend – Ta!!! A mighty time was had, and I hope to catch y’all very soon for more of the same….


Posted on: 05-10-2014

WYWRadio #70. Phew. Time to come back at you again from the slightly wonky side in celebration of, well, a fair few episodes of good tunes, dusty breaks and slow moving house.

Kicking the wonk off with a version of ‘Superstition’ that I truly didn’t like at first – a throwback to Russ Dewbury’s Jazz Rooms in Brighton all those years ago. From a great comp on Counterpoint if you can find it.

Smokey. He’s going to a Go-Go. Nuff said.

Cliff Nobles sounds like a minor league snooker player but in fact he’s got the funk. And a horse outside.

Marc Moulin and his mates were Placebo long before that fella with the pasty face and jet black hair. And they were Belgian, which the next-gen Placebo certainly weren’t (to the best of my knowledge). Here you’re getting the awesomeness of Balek. Check that intro.

Mandingo are in the all time WYWR hall of fame and I had to pick up an LP I didn’t have recently in New York. For you: the easy stylings of ‘The Snake Pit’. Go do your 60s detective work to this one.

Next, and courtesy of Louis ‘7 8 Trak’ Takacs, Mor Thiam (we’re thinking it’s pronounced ‘More Time’) gives us perfect wonk with his gumbo Missouri gem ‘Ayo Ayo Nene’. Oooh, how this works.

‘Cocody’s’ is a little 7 inch I heard playing a record store a few years back and jus had to have – I think it fits nicely with the Mandingo and Mor Thiam.

Then we change it up with a bit more electronic weirdness. Moonshot noises from Luca Lozano, then a suite from Lapalux which is sweet. Newness from Thom Yorke and his crazy dancing next, that was a nice surprise the other week, then following that with another man on his own path, WYWRadio’s man of the year from, ooh, 1892, Paul White. A good LP if you’re into it – Shaker Notes is the name.

Andras Fox is from Australia and has that kinda low-key Mr Fingers thing going on. Was waiting for this for ages, thanks to the folks at Mexican Summer. Fuxa keep the summer thing going with ‘Electric Sound of Summer’ while Coyote keeps the electric thing going with ‘Electric Sunburst’ which is off the excellent compilation of 5 years of recordings on the Is it Balearic? label.

Building up to the finish. Excellent and now hard to find 7 inch on Wah Wah recordings from Cheyenne, Z records give us two from a new compilation fro Nick the Record – M.C And His Great Cooga-Moogas (like, really?) and Theo Parrish fave ‘Aint No Need’ by Skye. Sandwiched in the middle the disco discovery of last year, Stephen Encinas’ ‘Disco Illusion’.

House n’stuff at the end of the show comes from Al Dobson Jnr representing Peckham, Erdbeerschnitzel giving us the free to download ‘Treat’, something new on 100% Silk by Lunate, another freebie by the Dead Rose Music Company and then to finish the wonderful mashup of Chic and Soul II Soul by Late Night Tuff Guy.

And that’s your lot. Links to buy all tracks at www.whatyouwantradio.com

VS 2014 Show 2: In the raaaaawwww

Posted on: 27-09-2014


This week get rough, we get tough, we get nude, we get…in the raaaaawwwwwww!!! Each week we produce a show you generally get to see our tender and sensitive side. Kurac is the softie of the bunch, picking petunias in the park to take on his regular tour of old persons homes and animal shelters. SCSI-b donates all her old cables to green charities to ensure the planet can breathe through all the smoke rising from bombed jihadi terror camps and Ringfinger is just a cruel bastard at the best of times. He trains flies to pull the wings off other flies. It is just simply too hard to watch.

We start this show with a trip beyond with Christian comedian who is a preacher from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada who grew up as a son of a preacher. The whole record is about his crime streak and how our Lord Jesus eventually saved him. The record sounds with some great psych guitar which we have overlaid with the sounds of Lightnin’ Red and his Freaky Friday freakfest. Really. It is that good. Next up we move into the tracks that Kurac lays down at his weekly ballroom dancing and bingo evening that he DJs at in the Ron Barrassi Memorial Multi-Function Hall at the Bernard King retirement village in Bognor. Why they named the home and its features after Australian famous people of the seventies is anyones guess. We start with Mono 45/upm – Romantic Adieu, bienvennue réalité which is a rare piece of French new wave/electro from 1979. Of course, Kurac has the original vinyl, which is played here in all its 320kps glory. Flac, MOFO, flac! From Niger we have pioneering electronica by Mamman Sani Abdullaye who released this track in 1978 on his only record. Once again, Kurac took crate digging to the EXTREME by spending three years in Niger as a aid worker and doctor just to find this record. Amazing commitment. Finally we have
Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons with their track Happy Funeral. According to this new fangled electronic Encyclopaedia Brittanica, they are an experimental synthesizer based punk band from Sweden, formed “by pure fun” in the spring of 1980. The group disbanded in November 1981. Before disbanding, they released two singles and three tracks for compilation albums. Since disbanding, their songs have become well sought-after by collectors of punk, gothic rock, deathrock and art punk music. Like Kurac. Accessible and popularist all at once.

Right, this track is new, like from yesterday (SCSI-b says ‘Thom, you so fresh’- try saying that when someone from 2025 finds this ancient artefact), the first track from the new release by Thom Yorke called Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes. It is released via bittorrent and costs a measly $6. Keep breaking the internet dude, go on. Just be careful cuz Kim Dotcom will come after you, just like he did John Key in NZ. Blam! Yes I went there, I made a New Zealand election joke and I ain’t even a kiwi. Ground breaking. Next up is as remix of the classic sixties french stomper Psyche Rock by Urusla 1000 from 2000 and we wrap up that set with Jungle and their SCSI-b selected track Busy Earnin’.

Right, we have tried to tell him that his musical interludes are not welcome. That they sound like fart sounds coming out of a garage band app on his grotty iPad. We even told him no matter how many times he gets Flea to lay down a bassline, he is still NOT COOL. But Ringfinger keeps coming back with more. This time he drops a brand new dance floor stomper called ‘A little more tight, a little more tense, a little more taunt’ which features some 1970s relaxation instructions found on a random unlabelled tape in an charity store. He paid 25 cents for it and we reckon he was taken for a ride. Anyway, this we promise is that last time we let his crap on the airwaves, until next Thom Yorke, until next time. Bwaaahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahahahah

Time to kick out the jams now with the Hi Sheriffs of Blue and their track Ain’t but sweet 16. Released in 1980, this flash of New York no wave is also played direct from the Kurac family vault of vinyl. Next up two tracks that by thend of them if you can remember anything through the bleeding eardrums then you are a better man than me Charlie Brown. The Butcher Shop was a short-lived Australian band on the Black Eye label and featured none other than Tex Perkins on vocals. We map that next to the mighty Lubricated Goat with a track off their debut album from 1988 called In the Raw. Watch the clip, you see naughty bits. This caused quite a stir on Aussie TV back in the eighties. Most kids remember it. A band, playing nude, on the ABC. Shock! Horror!

Lets take it home now, SCSI-b drops her latin roots again with Los Fabulosos Cadillacs and El Matador. Would you believe they are an Argentinian ska band. No, really! Next up the Pixies from Surfer Rosa with Vamos. And finally, we have a Kurac-led send off that he chose especially for you. Black Randy and the Metrosquad was a punk rock and joke band from the late 1970s and early 1980s in the Los Angeles punk scene. They gained notoriety not only for their surreal and smutty sense of humour, but also for their amalgamation of proto-punk, 1970s porn, pop, and avant-garde music (yes, I stole that from the World Book of Punk online edition, called Wikipedia I think).

Thats us done for another month or so. KURACSCSIB&RINGFINGER OUT!

Brian Rudd – From a bum trip to..the trip beyond vs The super guitar of Lightnin’ Red doing Funky Friday and Caravan
Mono 45/upm – Romantic Adieu, Bienvennue Réalité
Mamman Sani Abdullaye – Kobon Lerai
Kitchen & the Plastic Spoons – Happy Funeral
Thom Yorke – Bottle in a Brain
Pierre Henry – Psyche Rock (remixed by Ursula 1000)
Jungle – Busy earnin’
DJ Ringfinger – A little more tight, a little more tense, a little more taunt
Hi Sheriffs of Blue – Ain’t but sweet 16
The Butcher Shop – Iron Pig
Lubricated Goat – In the Raw
Los Cadillacs – El Matador
Pixies – Vamos
Black Randy & Metrosquad – Trouble at the Cup


Posted on: 13-09-2014

The delay! Two weeks late with my homework and the shame is burning strong. But not to worry – WYWR has mo’ tunes and plenty of newness to welcome you back…

A bit of muddy production if you ask me, but the fire is burning strong in the new track by We Are Shining. Eska is in there in the mix somewhere, I can’t quite draw her out but I do like the track.

Beats are in plentiful supply this week. Ahwlee has something new out on Bandcamp which is well worth a listen – you get ‘antwuan fishn’ (yeah, I cant say it either) and then that’s followed with newness from the one and only Diggs Duke, now on Brownswood. Like that.

Cazal Organism channels Sade, then we get into the track I like the most off the album that a lot of people seem to like recently by FKA Twigs. I gotta say the jury is still out for me – it’s kinda one-paced but maybe I got to give it some serious headphones or something. You guys get ‘Video Girl’.

Laura Groves is the lead singer in Nautic who are all up in Bullion’s stable, and she had an EP out last year that ‘Pale Shadows’ is from. Is nice and sets us up for a west coast vibe with an edit of ‘Glass Off’ by Bearnie Leadon (ex-Eagles) and Michael Georgiades Band and then a sweet one by The Steve Miller Band. Steve Miller Band on WYWR!

Fuxa seem like a great outfit I’ve missed, so I’ve thrown up Fuxa for your listening pleasure. After that it’s something from the Music from Memory label which has only put out three things I think, but they’re all great. The most recent LP is by Joan Bibloni and it’s got boogie and Balearic on there, as well as some insane cultish track on side two. Have decided to go with the almost 80s George Duke-like ‘Sa Fosca’ this time out.

A bit of a vinly section for the middle of the show, digging some funk, soul and disco. Massive Attack sampled Lowrell’s ‘Mellow Mellow Right On’ so that’s served up for you, then Barrabas give a nice New York vibe for ‘Mellow Blow’, followed by The Natural Four, Eddie Kendricks going up in smoke, and then Bileo’s ‘You Can Win’ (which is actually a digital re-issue).

African disco funk! One from Zambia by Witch, and then another from Ghana by Nana Love. Enjoy.

Tempo goes up for the final part of the show. Ennio Styles on the remix for Kerbside Collection, the new Leon Vynehall (always excellent, from what I can tell), DJ Raw Sugar with the new production, then an edit by Werkshy of ‘It’s Gonna be Alright’ by Change.

Zero 7 slowly move towards a new album with ‘Simple Science’ which is off an EP with three other nice tracks. And then to finish – Panama give it their big piano thing with ‘Stay Forever’. Another winner on Future Classic from down under.

And that’s your lot. Another one very soon come.


Posted on: 07-08-2014

Oh my. New music keeps on coming folks. This time out we’re immersed in disco and house, with a fair bit of the mellow stuff…

Hotlane are straight outta Berlin, and they’re on the up. Check ‘Whenever’ and get in the mood. Then get in your car and drive to your holiday destination and while you’re doing that, play the Paqua LP. You won’t regret it. The ace track ‘We Came Far’ gives you the album vibe in just one song.

Then the return of Herbert! He is back! And he has bought his melodic-house-could-have-been-on-Ruby-Blue side! (nb. Ruby Blue, one of the best electronic house LPs in the last decade I think). New track One Two Three is for you.

After that, a brief turn into the world of beatmakers – a free Soundcloud edit from DJ Day, and then a track of the new Budgie EP. Budgie came correct last year with a compilation of mad 80s gospel tracks, now he’s laying down beats. Nice ones.

I felt the need to go smooth this week, now that we’re at the height of the European summer. Sade (WYWRadio regular), Jose Padilla of Ibiza fame (now on International Feel), and then the legend that is Lewis, mystery man of smoothness, made one record with an amazing cover (check his hair) and then disappeared. Or did he!? Seems that someone recently found a second LP by Lewis in Canada. Also with an amazing cover! Soon to be played here, no doubt.

Derrick Hodge continues the downtempo with a track from a very eclectic LP on Blue Note, then we get a classic from another man who disappeared – Jim Sullivan. Also on Light in the Attic records like Lewis, seems it’s a label for strays.

After that, Spanish garage from teenage girls. Deers, they’re called. And they’re ace.

Fans of 80s soundtracks recorded off the TV should check the Eleventeen Eston LP on Not Not Fun, while fans of Tim Burgess and high-quality relaxing electronica should check the Seahawks LP from earlier this year, is class.

After that three practitioners of modern soul. The Fatima LP on Eglo is superb, so we’re giving you ‘Do Better’, the slept-on ‘Liquid Love’ from Chris Turner is just as good, while the new album from Jungle (er, ‘Jungle’) has a great feel and sound to it. You get ‘Accelerate’. The album’s on XL.

Two from a genius next: Larry Heard. ‘Can You Feel It?’ is a stone-cold winner, and was recently re-issued on digital and vinyl. I delved back in the collection to compliment it with something from the legendary Fingers Inc. LP from 1988 – ‘Mysteries of Love’.

Finally the uptempo stuff. Noo have a great three song EP out and you get ‘No More’, the there’s soulful house-y business from The Dedication before WYWRadio favourite Erdbeerschnitzel gives us one from his new EP called ‘The Ample Waters’.

To finish, a tribute. Mad good drummer to the jazz funk greats, and supreme artist in his own right, Idris Muhammad has passed away. It seems appropriate to play the stomer that is ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’. Just how good is this tune?


Posted on: 16-07-2014

Whattuppdow. These words are the emissaries of Adtrax 48. They describe the 2 man-hours of drunken sonatas and meticulous poems that myself & Axion 117 have blended into a sonic nectar and now lies just a link click away from percolating deliciously through your noggin’s fabled ear-gates. Upon breaching said ear-gates, Adtrax 48 promises to sally forth into the wondrous citadel of your greymatter carrying with it missives from some of the galaxies most dope sound-sorcerers and electric-feelers. Do not fear, Adtrax 48 is not an agent of capital, it wants nothing in return, only to share what it has found because it believes in the power of music and has meander-scoured the earth to bring you nuthin but the illest spreadlove to help unfurl your third-eye. If you are stirred or anyway moistened by something flowing within the waters of Adtrax 48 then please visit the delta at www.adtrax.co where you will find details of the emanation addresses of all the artists and where you can find a sht load of treasure that will make you want to pledge currency in lieu of their future voyages.

Axion117 Selection

olof melander – greetings
axion117 – turning back
luviia – rainybar
amin payne – winter in Melbourne
lord akton – move towards freedom feat verb ink
versis & bagir-ba – barista
babel metis – nocebo
canooooopy – 傘鳴らす頃には(in the umbrellic season)
kid atlaas – we shall overcome
jamevu – blackcard
kaligraph E – fonkflexin
tek nalo G – heaven knows
melodiesinfonie – sugar soul swing
harris cole – her
chiara noriko – j dilla-flowers( insrumental)
axion117 feat.goyama – one night groove
DOC mastermind – avenue d’ltalie 2.am(feat monomite)
ben bada boom x invention – vxtamxn
lexus – can’t keep loving
jill scott – golden (lidly remix)
kenja & rxn – sorry

Duchamp’s Selection

Like – Which Hazel?
ichiro – 370
B3NBi – misadventures
Busdriver – Ego Death (feat. Aesop Rock & Danny Brown) Prod. Jeremiah Jae
J’Von & LAKIM – lurkdynamites.comeback
18sense. & Adjaman – no strings
RICH – Aroma(ft. Jeph Anthony)[prod. by grimm doza & ฬเןl]
Green Assassin Dollar – Hidden Sun
ShunGu & SNK∆ – Shunk
Melodiesinfonie – Hey!
C Y G N x Harris Cole – Sour Bubble
Aksua – Far Away
Nullspace – aju
Karavelo – Trees
Arμ-2 -ni do ne
wūf – memories
Massive Attack – Teardrop (TUFO remix)
thad wenatchee – if i had time
Iman Omari – Take You There
Astronote – World ft. Blakk Soul & Séou
Zen¡th – Let flow in the water

Big respect and thank you to the dude Axion 117 for the dope guest mix this month.