The Rarest of Grooves

Posted on: 14-11-2011

Better late than never and WhatYouWant Radio returns. Some tunes old and new this week, with some electronic belters in the first part of the show and a mix of authentic rare groove in the second. First up though, we hit the strangeness of Hudson Mohawke and Lone, two of the best producers around at the moment. HudMo gives us the weird future pop of “All Your Love’ off of his Satin Panthers EP, while Lone muses on ‘All Those Weird Things’ and likely has the less headstrong reaching for the volume. Resist!

D’eon remix CFCF’s ‘Cometrue’ which is just out now on UNO NYC and rather fine. Also rather fine indeed is a track of Achim Maerz’s new EP ‘This is the End’. Mr. Maerz is a supporter of WYWR and a top fella – check the lush Detroitness of the track ‘Clear-eyed’ and then do yourself a favour by going out and buying the EP for another four excellent joints.

The next track comes from a recent gift from a colleague – the new album by Destroyer called Kaputt. Seems to be a favourite of the folk at Pitchfork etc. who say it has a touch of the Sade about it. Me, I think it sounds like Prefab Sprout, but there’s nowt wrong with that…

After that comes a track called ‘Desert Raven’ by Jonathan Wilson off an essential album (‘Gentle Spirit’) for all fans of West Coast rock. Shades of Fleetwood Mac…

A bit of housey stuff follows that Mark E with ‘The Day’, and Eddie C (only artists one letter surnames for WYWR – next week, Smoove B, with Master P) with ‘I’m Sorry’. Then we have the Marvin-sampling ‘What If We Make it’ from DJ Raw Sugar.

And then to the mix. So when I was a wee lad we used to go over to Canterbury to hear the DJs of Fat Albert’s Gang play loads of great soul and funk at such, er, legendary venues as Alberry’s Wine Bar and The Penny Theatre. Top tunes that have stayed with me ever after. Since then I’ve always heard the term ‘Rare Groove’ to describe the type of music we were hearing, although I’ve never been really sure exactly what makes a groove rare (aside from it being the last 12” in the world or something). Anyway, worrying that the rest of you felt this way too, I decided to put an authoritative rare groove mix together, mostly using tracks found on compilation albums with ‘Rare Groove’ in the title. Easy eh? 100% authenticated rare groove, cos the compilation compilers say so. Lots of great tracks – sit back and check Reel to Reel (Floating Points fans will recognise), Harvey mason, Patti Jo, Rueben Wilson and even Earth Wind and Fire. full tracklisting is below. Remember kids: 100% vinyl!

And the final two: the electric sax of Eddie Harris from an LP I picked up in Amsterdam a couple of weeks back, and a rather nice Cosmic Boogie edit of a track called ‘Dance Your Blues Away’. It’s all over for another edition, and you can play and play and play until the next one comes along…

One more thing: I’m gonna plug this – a BBC Radio Four doc on one of WYWR’s favourite songs of all time, Wichita Lineman!