WhatYouWant Radioshow#50 – Best of 2012

Posted on: 27-12-2012

First up: we made it to 50!!! Huge thanks to all of you for listening, telling your mates and sending lovely feedback. Ta! More to come in 2013 with some label news too. But for now, 2012…

Let’s lay it out: WYWR loves tradition. So, much like everyone else with a liking of music and access to the Internet, WYWR believes strongly in committing to MP3 the very best tracks of the year. As New Year’s Eve approaches I’d therefore like you to kick back and relax with the numbers that have been floating the WYWR boat in 2012. You’re gonna hear most genres (Clownstep and Dark Metal are missing, as is Gabbaret, and I don’t even know what that is. Yet.), big choruses or minimal melodies, beats and synths, drums and timpani, words and music. Enjoy.

The show kicks of with noise – play loud! – from Japandroids and then works it’s way to the beats of Union, Jonti and Kendrick Lamar via the excellent Man with the Iron Fists Soundtrack standout ‘The Baddest Man Alive’ from the Black Keys and the RZA, and the frankly unclassifiable Matthew Dear. Also for you in this opening gambit: one of the remixes of the year by Je$u$ who got his mitts on MF Doom’s favourite ladies and turned them all beatmungous.

Geetar always gets a look in on the end of year show because when WYWR is not finding beats and funky things for your ears there is always plenty of time for the long-playing album. This year I was hammering the Shins LP, Ryan Monroe’s debut (the multiinstrumentalist from Band of Horses I believe), Gaz Coombes’ first solo effort outside of Supergrass and something from Porcelain Raft. Excerpts from all these albums here for you.

There’s a middle section of Lovely after those guys with the ‘Under the Westway’ from the little 7” that Blur released during the year (Beatles/Bowie-ish), the huge Milosh/Robin Hannibal genius that is Rhye’s ‘The Fall’ and then something off a real contender for album of the year (‘World, You Need a Change of Mind’) by Kindness. Loved that record, and played it tons. Already looking forward to the follow-up.

Alice Russell and Quantic were reunitedanditfeelssogood earlier in the year and that was a great record with some Stepney-esque touches, and well, everyone now has heard of Frank Ocean but for those of you still holding out, well, you’d best get Channel Orange asap. Soul of the highest order. WYWR gives you ‘Sweet Life’.

Now we begin to get a bit more weird with Andrew Ashong’s ‘Flowers’, before heading to the sunnier parts of Europe with John Talabot (top long player) and a cheeky edit which isn’t really 2012 but hey, it was released this year – Ol’ Smokey’s rub of ‘Amarsi Un Po’

More songwriting next, from Fabulous and Arabia in New Zealand, and a track off a really strong LP this year by Chromatics. If you liked the Drive movie soundtrack you’ll already have their record – very moody, atmospheric, strong. Like.

Then, the final straight. Disclosure take it to the dancefloor, followed swiftly by LA Vampires by Octo Octa, you know, that one with the strange looking woman on the front cover. Novelty-not-novelty from Todd Terje after that, a monster track this year if ever there was one, and then we get some edit business from Marvin & Guy and one of the best producers of 2012, Dead Rose Music Company. Definitely ready for whatever he throws at us in 2013.

Three to finish: the massive summer edit from Kon – Hooked by Sir Own. Check the way he breaks that down to build it back up. Mmmmm. Then uptempo pop disco business from Kylie Auldist, also from New Zealand I believe – loved that one, exudes exuberance. Finally, the tune that put a big smile of my face this year due to it’s oldschool D&B coupled with a video featuring urban horses, the one and only Rudimental with ‘Feel the Love’. From my outpost in the North Sea WYWR spies tell me that this track has been quite big this year. Never heard it in Holland though so I’m clearly not getting out enough or I’m flying the flag for massive selling drum and bass alone.

Happy new year to you all, keep listening, keep telling people about the magic of WYWR, and keep buying tunes y’all! Have a good one!


Posted on: 27-12-2012


Posted on: 21-12-2012

Blimey, that was a crazy year, and keeping up with the amount of music that came out was not possible, but yeah I gave it a go. Huge shout out to everyone who turned me on to new ish this year and watched my face light up like err Leona Lewis or something, I swear there were gospel choirs on occasions especially when Six or ELU were involved.
So this is 2 and a bit hours of some of the things I loved this year and also a crazyman’s complete list including other stuff that didn’t make it to the podcast for whatever reason.
If you are as insatiable as us sad diggers at WYW radio, then there is also my youtube channel where resides a playlist of some other tunes that didn’t make it to the show, including some stuff that is on the Web but not available for download yet, like the incredible Omari T ‘Advent’ track.
Of course, do not be a fool and miss out on the head honcho’s best of whatyouwantradio show, which you know will knock the reindeers clean off your Xmas jumper.

First up & no mucking about – the live version of Rhye’s ‘The Fall’, stripped down to just piano and some extra deepness from Mike Milosh, it’s beautiful but you might need a hug after if you haven’t heard this version.
I think maybe the idea of genres in independent music finally went and died this year, joy, stops me having to pigeon hole the hoarse bedroom freak out of Jai Paul’s ‘Jasmine’. Happily, since James Blake slipped an album of falsetto maths silence into the charts last year, pop has started to embrace a bit of weird, or maybe it’s the other way round and experimental music is embracing pop? Either way, hoorah for complicated easiness like Toto y Moi’s ‘So Many Details.’
After that, oh my god, Miss Del Rey you are toast, Sky Ferreira can out sing you, out pout you, out feel you. Track is called ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ , and its as simple and inexplicably good as a digestive biscuit. If Sky is a digestive, then Kindness is a bourbon but with unexpectedly psychotropic and jazzy-cream innards. OK this is why people like genres, I get it, big track though, but not as big as Tropics coming over all Prefab Sprout on the title track of his killer ‘Pop Up Cinema’ EP, dude makes it on these best of shows every year without fail.

OK enough of that, where the wonk at you ask. Vtgnike got the wonk I tell thee, although not particularly on this dope and subtle rework of Beyonce.
Spot of Shigeto? Of course and not only is the hand clap porn of ‘Huron River Drive’ available here but also a promise that I won’t use any more call & response in the rest of this commentary because it is just plain stupid!

Constrobuz’s ‘Rain & Dust’ EP was probably my favourite singular thing of the year, first up from him ‘Deluge’ and then we go big, straight over the top excessive bigness in a dubai-style with two neck breakers from the splendidly monikered Crack Moses and then 2012 Adtrax hall of famer Dead Horse Beats.

Je$u$ gets top slot for remix activities this year, so many crackers to chose from, this is a new afrobeat thingamybob and precedes the mighty bassline actvities of Kaytranada on his Janet Jackson rework ‘If’. This year, Devonwho did the 80’s better than the 80’s themselves with this almighty slab of funk boogie called ‘Shine’ in which he successfully envokes the spirits of D-Train, Zapp, the Thundercats and a variety of post-glamrock sex predators.
Cracking combo Soia and Mez next, goodness from them all your round, we got the remix of ‘Obtaining’ after which my favourite of the mess of Rob Glasper ‘Black Radio’ remixes, this one the killer Wantigga rerub of ‘Move Love.’

Sneaky little jazzy section then, opening up with one I slept on by Jaga Jazzist & Knights of Jumungus called ‘Toccata’ and then a track from the excellent Portico Quartet Album. Check them live if you can, they do all sorts of sordid things to their instrument’s orifices. Ton of sterling stuff from Honks Burry this year, we got one from his next level Blameful Isles project, before we go back to Constrobuz on route to 4 of the best beat nuggets from the last 12 months – Ohbliv’s ‘Intent’, Atu’s ‘Soul Child’, ‘Blues’ by Clonki and ‘36mm’ by Broke and Phedee.

Hip Hop albums for 2012, dare I say, not a vintage year, so much so that Flying Lotus had to come and rap-rescue the day with his Captain Murphy project, seriously there is no denying that guys talent, he’s like one of those kids at school who is good at everything and you want to despise them but you can’t find anything to hate on.
Still the Ka album was a goodie in that Roc Marciano pocket, we start the section with his ‘Cold Facts’ tune and then go Biggie with MonoMassives remix of ‘Young G’. Love Kool Ad’s steez, he certainly didn’t let the fraternity down this year, all worthy offerings from him, the Steel Tipped Dove produced ‘Hypersensitive Jester’ comes out just on top. Aesop Rock stepped up to legendary status this 365 with another killer album, which means he’s been making these lists for 12 years since the amazing ‘Float’ LP on Mush! FlyLo’s ‘Mighty Morphin Foreskin’ next and then the ‘Fitta Happier’ track from the excellent Quakers project on the perennial Stonesthrow. Finally for the little homeboy section, two tracks from the wrong place, so don’t bump this part at work, or near kids, because Hodgy and Danny Brown have a lot of offense to give.

And so to home stretch, starting with the Banks remix of Andreya Triana and then the big Lone remix of Midland’s ‘Placement’. That post ds type a sound is maybe a little under-represented here although it seems to be evolving quite nicely, Rain Dog did it beautifully this year and gets onto the big show with his ‘Think Of You’ track for Finest Ego. New track for the end of the year, and what a tune, Stubborn Heart’s long-player is highly recommended, lots to choose from including the mad infectious ‘Starting Block’. Big up to Disclosure who managed to be incredibly good and incredibly successful this year, culminating in Uncle Duchamp and his 9 year old niece dancing to ‘What’s In Your Head’ together in a kitchen. Penultimatenuss comes from the tie your tee up alt house of Erdbeerschnitzel before we shut shit down and go into sonic hibernation with the unfathomably huge ‘I’ll Take Jesus For Mine’ from Dead Horse Beats’ brilliant ‘Vespers’ project. Who would have thought that one lonesome finger click could be so epic.

Track List:

Rhye – The Fall (Live Version)
Jai Paul – Jasmine
Toro y Moi – So Many Details
Sky Ferreira – Everything Is Embarrassing
Kindness – Seod
Tropics – Popup Cinema
Beyonce – Crazy In Love (Vtgnike/Myown Remix)
Shigeto – Huron River Drive
Constrobuz – Deluge
Crack Moses – Blockbreaker
Dead Horse Beats – Gonna Find My Baby
Je$u$ – Bull$**t
Janet Jackson – If (Kaytranada Rmx)
Devonwho – Shine (ft. Teeko)
Soia – Obtaining Remix (prod. by Mez)
Robert Glasper – Move Love (Wantigga Remix)
Jaga Jazzist & Knights of Jumungus – Toccata
Portico Quartet – Ruins
Blameful Isles – Sins Of A Vulture
Constrobuz – Rain and Dust
Ohbliv – Intent
Atu – Soul Child
Clonki – Blues
Broke/ x Phedee – 36mm
Ka – Cold Facts
Biggie Smalls – Young Gs (Mono Massive Remix)
Bill Ding x Kool AD – Hypersensitive Jester (Prod. By Steel Tipped Dove)
Aesop Rock – ZZZ Top
Captain Murphy – Mighty Morphin Foreskin (Prod. Flying Lotus)
Quakers – Fitta Happier
Odd Future – Rella (feat. Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis & Tyler, The Creator)
Darq E Freaker – Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine) Feat. Danny Brown
Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong (Banks Remix)
Midland – Placement (Lone Remix)
Rain Dog – Think Of You
Stubborn Heart – Starting Block
Disclosure – What’s In Your Head
Erdbeerschnitzel – Let Go
Dead Horse Beats – I’ll Take Jesus For Mine

So that’s it, if you made it down to this paragraph, well done. Lots to look forward to next year, including more shows, more ill guest mixes are lined up and ready to go and also a couple of special projects for the geeks. Hopefully we will be bringing you some exclusive badnuss via the sooncome record label by March/April time too.
More soon. Merry Crimbo n NY ma lovelies.

Dom Du

Best of 2012 The Whole Fkn List!

Shoebox – Roam No More
BMB – Up To The Galaxy
Om Unit Edits Vol.2
Toro Y Moi – So Many Details
George Ezra – Its Just My Skin
Cream Of Beats – Soul Queen
Hackman – Forgotten Notes
Devon Who – Shine feat Teeko
Kilo Kish – Navy
Iron Galaxy – Attention Seeker
Young Magic – Sparkly
Omar S – Sex
Killer Mike – Reagan
Tentacle – Deep Water
9th Wonder – LawdiesWonderSoul
Kareem Riggins – Summer Madness
Homeboy Sandman – Whatcha Want From Me
Alden Tyrell feat. Mike Dunn – Touch The Sky
Elegant Animals – Syndicate
Weirdough – Enhale
Emerald Ruin – Mystic Magic
Maribou State – Scarlett Groove
Broke x Phedee – 36mm
Jaga Jazzist & Knights Of Jumungus – Toccata
Daphni – Yes I Know
Onra – L.O.V.E
Jai Paul – Jasmine
Les Loups – Elephant & Ivory (Vanilla Instrumental)
Endian – Birdhouse
Disclosure – What’s In Your Head
Ka – Cold Facts
Darq E Freaker – Blueberry Pills Feat. Danny Brown
Kindness – Seod
Flylo – Sams Fav
Funkinevil – Dusk
Soia – Obtaining prod. Mez
Gaslamp Killer – Flange Face
Dead Horse Beats – I’ll Take Jesus For Mine
Dead Horse Beats – I’m Gonna Find My Baby
Yosuke Tominaga – Phantom
Rhye – The Fall
Rain Dog – Think Of You
Throwing Snow – Clamour
WK7 – Do It Yourself
Jimmy The Twin – Caught Up
Mudegg – Viscious
Sunclef – Them Two
Teri Tobin – Love Me prod. TBG
Clonki – Blueswag
Ahwlee – &
Moodymann – Why Do U Feel
Aesop Rock – ZZZ Top
Ava Luna – Ice Level
Ohbliv – Intent
Empt – How You
Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie – Stiller See feat. Soia
M Constant – Us Tempenauts
Asa And Stumbleine – Glow
Quakers – Fitter Happier
Jean Grae – You And Me And Everyone We Know
Bear In Heaven – Reflection Of You
Unforscene – Dark Souls
Odd Future – Rella
Je$u$ – Bulls**t
Crack Moses – Blockbreaker
Ivan Ave – Loop
Teklun – Reafter
Atu – Soul Child
Om Unit X Sweatson Klank – Old English
Bill Ding X Kool AD – Hypersensitive Jester
The Ruffcats – Dr Cosmo
Innobushu – Still High
Mark de Clive-Lowe & The Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra – Take The Space Trane
Ana Tijoux – Volver
Kczin – Swing
Fhloston Paradigm – Chasing Rainbows
Foner – Just Like In The Movies
BJ The Chicago Kid – His Pain II (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Andrew Ashong – Flowers
Omari T – Advent Chant

Edits Remixes And Covers:
Janet Jackson – If (Kaytranada Remix)
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Kan Sano Version)
Mariah Carey – Touch My Body (Cyril Hahn Remix)
Kirvy – No One Ill
Erykah Badu – Real Thing (Gifted Enuff Remix)
Decoders – I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun
Dr Mad – Space Always
Magnetic Soul – Love Suite
Brazilian Love Affair (Namuh Edit)
Mob Deep – It’s Mine (Shashu Remix)
Ed OG – Revolution (Nomad Remix)
MF DOOM – My Favourite Ladies (Je$u$ Remix)
Beyonce – Crazy In Love (Vtngnike Remix)
Robert Glasper – Move Love (Wantigga Remix)
Common – Doin It (Madi Beats Remix)
Midland – Placement (Lone Remix)
Aluna Goerge – You Know You Like It (Bobby Tank Remix)
Bonobo – Prelude (Lapalux Remix)
Mario – Let Me Love You (Lapalux Remix)
Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong (Banks Remix)
Biggie Smalls – Young Gs (MonoMassive Remix)
Dza – Finger Snaps (Shigeto Remix)

Lovin On The Flipside (Now & Again)
Personal Space (Numero Group)
Belle & Sebastien (Late Night Tales)
Retrospective All Stars
Soundhealers Vol.2
ESP Classics Vol.12 (Volcov)
Tokyo Crossover

Captain Murphy – Duality
Stacey Cen & Koen – Never Too Late
Lapalux – When You’re Gone
Donnie & Joe Emerson – Dreamin’ Wild
Ray Stinett – A Fire Somewhere
Tropics – Pop Up Cinema
Erbeerschnitzel – Tender Leaf
Substantial – Home Is Where The Art Is
Ka – Grief Pedigree
Jon Wayne – This Is False
Blameful Isles – Bound To Ohra
Aesop Rock – Skelethon
Sunclef – Attoseconds
Shigeto – Lineage
Kae – Quatro
Olafur Arnalds – Living Room Songs
Yoggy One – Canopee
Bennetrhodes – Sun Ya
Portico Quartet – Portico Quartet
Drexciya – Best Of
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Allelujah!
Insightful – The Shy Lanterns Grow
Roc Marciano – Reloaded
Sohn – The Wheel
Thriftworks – Hydromancy
Gerry Read – Jummy
Krts – Something New
Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes
Constrobuz – Rain And Dust

Fying Lotus
Dead Horse Beats
Danny Brown

Hemlock Recordings
Light In The Attic
Urban Waves
Project Mooncircle
Mahogani Music

Austin Peralta
Terry Callier
Frank Wilson
Carl Davis
Bob Babbit
Charles Pitts
Donal Duck Dunn
Jimmy Castor


Posted on: 20-12-2012

VS Radioshow#6

Posted on: 20-12-2012

Out of the starter gun and into the fire: Best of 2012 or,
SCSI-B takes control of the wheels of steel. Ringfinger and Kurac stand idly by

It’s been a very sporting year at VS HQ, at least for the likes of SCSI-B who is proud to present her first solo effort with this best of 2012 offering. Having traveled some 150,000 km through 25 countries this year, you might have expected more oddities in this selection, but currently living in an apartment sans turntable (the horror!) leaves room for only a selection of digital’s greatest.

And so we set off with Kindness, this year’s selection so running-themed it’s practically a jogging soundtrack. All through the streets of Helsinki we enjoyed this track. Next up, Tame Impala with the latest incarnation of neo-psychadelica, from my hometown, Perth, no less. They say there’s a scene there now, I failed to spot one if that’s true. Nigel Godrich-produced Here we go Magic next, and then a track whose live version I wish had been released, from Orbital. This tune soundtracks my number one viral video of the year: Orbital playing the Paralymic Opening Ceremony, Stephen Hawking providing the voice over while thousands of dancers pretend to the the Large Hadron Collider. Just great. See for yourself:

Next, a leap to a cut from the recording released alongside one of the best shows all year, Penderecki and Greenwood at the Barbican. Playing violins like guitars? Oh yes. More upbeatness from Union, Django Django and Fiona Apple’s very lovely “Idler Wheel…”. Very difficult to choose which of the latter two provided my album of the year, probably both. Skipping ahead, Andrew Bird has song of the year with “Give it Away” and its elegant shuffling break, which I listened to somewhat incessantly at the hotel gym in Yaoundé, taking the lyrics far too literally.

Nearing the finish line, Hundred Waters surely have the best track title of all time, and their folky/electronica sound is alright with me. Lastly, we finish with Thom Yorke’s supergroup, Atoms for Peace with their full album to look forward to early in 2013.

So many others brought out albums this year: Actress, Flying Lotus, Rufus Wainwright, The Shins, Frank Ocean, Sleigh Bells, be assured we liked them too. Someone always has to finish out of the medals. Until next year!

That’s alright – Kindness
Feels like we only go backwards – Tame Impala
Over the ocean – Here we go Magic
Where is it going? – Orbital
Pacay Tree: 48 Responses to Polymorphia – Ausko Orchestra & Marek Moss (Composer: Jonny Greenwood)
Baby Mama – Union
Waveforms – Django Django
Anything we want – Fiona Apple
Forget – Lianne la Havas
Yet Again – Grizzly Bear
Give it Away – Andrew Bird
Mannequin – When Saints go Machine
Flesh of Morning – Jonti
Hot Chip – Flutes
Loner – Burial
. . . __ __ __ . . . Hundred Waters
Default – Atoms for Peace

Check out the latest works by DJ Ringfinger and his incredibly invisible quintet right here (http://www.soundcloud.com/djringfinger and http://www.fabricationdebruit.com/loss) . It was a busy 2012 for ring (that’s what we call him). This is a paid for commercial on behalf of DJ Ringfinger enterprises. We wouldn’t help the sad sod even if he was on fire unless he/she paid us some of the sweet moolah they get from the 2-3 hits a year to the site.


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WhatYouWant Radioshow#49

Posted on: 28-11-2012

Stop the insanity – 49 of these things down, only one to go until WYWR turns 50! In preparation for that magic moment and the end of year countdown let us turn to things of now, and hit you up Smoove B style with today’s latest music stylings….

Kicking things off this week with a thunderous intro of drums from the new Thavius Beck lp on Plug Research, this one grabs you and drags you, only for you to run into….

Well, the track of the year? Rhye’s ‘The Fall’ certainly ticks the box of anyone who ever heard Sebastian Tellier’s ‘La Ritournelle’ (ah, remember when you first heard that?!) and boy is it swoonsome. If you haven’t already, check the video – sad and lovely. I think it’s filmed in Copenhagen, where I believe the song was recorded – there’s certainly some Robin Hannibal sound in there somewhere I think…

More from Rhye later. Up next, the first of two from the new Tropics EP, Popup Cinema, which is darned great, and then a beat from Kareem Riggins. With harpsichord. Pairs is the theme of this week (along with countrysoul) and we’re giving you two from the excellent new Bullion/Elmore Judd EP ‘Petrol Laughs’, then two of the more chill numbers off of the Lukid album on Ninja Tune. Complex and moody stuff on that record, but brilliant.

After that, where to go? South! The second volume of Soul Jazz Records’ ‘Southern Delta Swamp Rock’ compilation has just come out and a celebration of country rock is indeed in order. Kick back to Ray Stinnett (just reissued on Light in the Attic, party like you’re on Haight in ’67!), Greg Allman, Jack Nietzche (hmm, not sure how well it fits the southern country rock thing but an awesome tune and I wanted it on), something from the new Band of Horses lp, Area Code 615, America (proto-Neptunes!), Midlake (God, how good was that album when it came out? It’s just as good now), and to finish the mighty CSN’s ‘Darkstar’. How about that for some southern fried gold?!

Disco next, rare as hen’s teeth (I’m told) stuff from Gloria Ann Taylor ($800 for a 12inch of this track apparently) and then another one of the recent Kon and the Gang release, ‘Strong Love (Everlasting)’. Following something off of this year’s earlier Rhye release we’re back on the beats and true weirdness/brilliance from one of WYWR’s favourite artists, back with a new single ahead of an album in early 2013. Autre ne Veut’s ‘Counting’ is on the Software label and it’s amazing.

Into the final furlong with Four Tet remixing Falty DL, a track off of the brilliant Hamburg-style album by Erdbeerschitznel (do get!), and then brilliant new retro from Sir Stephen and LA Vampires featuring the Estonian heroine, Maria Minerva. Boomkat described their track, ‘Supercool’ as sounding like it had been recorded off AM radio in 1988 or sometime. I totally agree. Following that, Sha-Lor get a reissue on RushHour and we’re totally embedded in the second summer of love.

To finish. Freebird. Normally I would say now more, but this is the original Muscle Shoals version, a surefire reason, if one were needed, to go out and grab that Soul Jazz compilation already.

Enjoy! Back with show 50 next time out and the best of 2012 rollout…


Posted on: 18-11-2012

Little something to warm your cockles as we head towards the end of the year ‘best of’ shows in December.
Starting off with a purdy little piano rendition of Discloure’s ‘Latch’ by Wei. Next up a really interesting track from soul/electronica vocalist and producer Sohn, some unique stuff coming from him, worth keeping tabs on. Then, the Unforscene track from Sonar Kollectiv’s last ‘Secret Love 6′ compilation. Super collab Mez and Soia next up, eagerly awaiting an EP or album from those two, mad synergy. After which, another great collab from acidsmith Funkineven & singer Fatima entitled ’90’s’. Bit of Ryan Hemsworth next. He’s getting crazy attention and i’m on the fence a bit, but this Lianna La Havas rework in nice.

After a bit of a dance to Maribou State’s ‘Scarlett Groove’ we go all handclaps and shoe gaze with the help of Sable and then some super dense but beautiful production sounds courtesy of Thriftworks.
Track from the ace ‘Cosmic Compositions’ compilation next up. Definitely pick that up on Bandcamp – all Beatmaker interpretations of the mighty Pharoah Sanders (New Zealand killing it again.) Great comp but nowhere near as killer as the Keats//Collective Vol.2 one, 25 tracks, many heaters on there including this Haz Solo one.
Love this crazy Go Yama ‘Brooms’ track – it’s like that Peter And The Wolf album where all the characters are different instruments from the orchestra, only done with a Maschine and a 303 n sh!t.
Insightful has another great album out, dude is mad prolfiic and inventive, track here is called ‘Bad Burp’.
Big nodder next from Teklun on the Soulection label before the slightly nuts but fabulous Jim O Rourke remix of Neneh Cherry’s cover of Madvillain’s ‘Accordian’.

Signing off with 4 quality MCs – firstly ‘Loop’ from Norway’s finest – Ivan Ave, cop his excellent ‘Portals EP’ from Soundcloud, then the Q-Tip produced track from the much anticipated new album from Roc Marciano. Last two are the Aeon produced Von Pea nugget ‘Things Have Changed’ and one from the Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson ‘Dice Game’ Project.
That’s it, be good for Santa. Big Best of 2012 selection show soon come.


Wei – Latch (Disclosure piano cover)
Sohn – Red Lines
Unforscene – Dark Souls (feat. Cecilia Stalin)
Soia – obtaining remix (prod by Mez)
Funkineven & Fatima – 90’S
Lianne La Havas -Age (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
Maribou State – Scarlett Groove
Sable – Time Square
Thriftworks – My Shadow
Ben Jamin’ – Flowerz
Haz Solo – Test Drive
Go Yama – Brooms
Insightful – Bad Burp
Teklun – Reafter
Neneh Cherry & The Thing – Accordion (Jim O’ Rourke remix)
Ivan Ave – Loop
Roc Marciano – Thread Count (prod by Q-Tip)
Von Pea – Things Have Changed (prod by Aeon)
Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson – Potatoes (feat. Torae)


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Posted on: 01-11-2012

How Do.
Show 27 for you.

ADTRAX 27 by Dom Duchamp

We begin with Lomovolkno because he brings the dancing and crying and Adtrax loves some reverie. Beautiful little lament called ‘Fracture’ from Ritmo Sportivo’s Team Olympique compilation.
And then, just like that, we’re over ourselves because Kaytranada has found a worm hole from his bedroom to Flyte Tyme Studios 1993 and released this future classic rework of Janet Jackson’s ‘If’, so so good.

Dead Horse Beats next. Had this one up so loud in the car and was going for it so madly with the head nodding that I hit my forehead on the steering wheel. Try it if you like, it’s better than Zumba… or go to Youtube and watch the ‘Campfire Sessions’ to see Nova Scotia’s finest doing his thing with his MPC out in the wild.

More Tall Black Guy, it’s a monopoly I know, but what’s a man to do, he just keeps knocking out the bad boom bappage. Staycen & Koen’s lovely little ‘Never Too Late’ next, track off their EP for the mighty Soulection label. After which, tries drum roll but hands too excited, as bat signal fires up over West London and we dive into the first soundings from a new project from the legendary Dego Mcfarlane (Reinforced Records, 4-Hero, 2000 Black, Jacob’s Optical Stairway…) and Kaidi Tatham (Shokazulu, Bugz In The Attic, Neon Phusion…) who have joined forces with Akwasi Mensah and Matt Lord for some proper broken business. Track is ‘Mr Pickles.’
Keepin it in that vein, another track from the excellent Giant Step’s compilation ‘Sonic Boom Vol.1’ by Shortcircles before we slow it down a touch to doff our caps to the mighty mighty Pete Rock who is on remix duties to give Robert Glasper’s ‘Black Radio’ vehicle a subtle little fuel injection.

Some Melodiesinfonie for you, he’s a full time job plus 100 beats a day guy and bully for us. This one’s from his ‘JA$$ EP’ on Feelin Music, all manner of goodness coming from that dude in the not too distant. After that, ‘just relax and let your hair down’ so sayeth Catching Flies,and we must oblige by keeping it strictly disheveled for the next 30 minutes. Firstly Japanese beat-supremo Grooveman Spot in sexy Zapp mode, then a track of exceptionally rustic electronics by Noyce, followed by some NZ deepness from Kakapo whose violins take us down to a suitable depth to unleash the incredible voice of George Ezra.

More from Rhye next with their new single ‘The Fall’ which is about as perfect a pop-soul tune as you could want.
Continuing to take you up, but not so as you get the bends, a sneak off the new album from the mad talented Krts called ‘Fire’ and then – the supreme leader of the league of ivory beaters (Sorry i made that up) – Kan Sano kills it by adding a dollop of doleful funk to Marvin’s ‘What’s Going On.’

Meandering remorselessly towards the finale we go: firstly with one of Ta-ku’s Chet Faker edits and then the voice christ the voice – Eddie Finley begging his woman to ‘treat him right or leave him alone’, straight huge reissue on Now Again Records.

Where the Hip Hop? Here it is: OxVegas produced by Weirdough, then S.H.I.T by the mighty talented Fid Mella before we go huge courtesy of Smoke DZA in order to ensure that ‘all of our b*tches get nut’..it’s important as we all know. What the f*ck, Je$u$ is absolutely unstoppable right now, so many remixes about, this Method Man one is another doozy, that Malian blues guitar break is the ish, so we carry on with the Afro vibrations and treat you to Kaisle Grai’s ‘Little Things’ before closing big and crunchy and beautiful with Lapalux. I think I can stop mourning for Telefon Tel Aviv now.

Link through to all the tracks below and get em free or buy em if you can – support and love ma dudes.

Be back in a jiffy, lv lv


Lomovolokno – Fracture
Janet Jackson – If (Kaytranada Rmx)
Dead Horse Beats – I’m Gonna Find My Baby
Tall Black Guy – From Home to Work and Back
Staycen X Koen – Never Too Late
Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks – Mr Pickles (Dance Mix)
Shortcircles featuring Tiana Vallan – Take Flight
Robert Glasper – Black Radio (feat. Yasiin Bey) Pete Rock Remix
Melodiesinfonie – J A $ $ pt.52
Catching Flies – Let Your Hair Down
Grooveman Spot – Groove Me
Noyce – With You
Kakapo – Beautiful Mind feat Poly
George Ezra – It’s Just My Skin
Rhye – The Fall
KRTS – Fire
Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (Kan Sano Remix)
Ta-ku – I’m Into You
Eddie Finley & The Cincinnati Show Band – Treat Me Right or Leave Me Alone
OxVegas – Visitors (prod. by Weirdough)
Fid Mella – S.H.I.T.
Smoke DZA – Still On Feat Fat Trel (Prod By 183rd)
Method Man – Divine (Je$u$ Remix)
Kaisle Grai – Little Things (Prod. Joshua Wrathall)
Lapalux – Jaw Jackin’