Posted on: 11-03-2012

New AdTrax complete with bloke talking.
Huge up Alist for the ill new visuals.

Too much quality electronic soul business about at the moment so a chunk of that; First up an unreleased BANKS remix of ANDREYA TRIANA which Ninja Tunes have put up to celebrate National Women’s Day, then STUMBLEINE, (There’s a free DL of the Essay remix of another of their tracks on the blog if you scroll back some) A SHIGETO remix of SUFJAN STEVENS (Free DL just click on the tracklist link) SYNKRO’s ‘Progression’ on Exit Records and then a track from OLIVER TANK. There are some nice remixes from that record available on the label’s Bandcamp –

After that some ‘glo-fi’ or whatever you want to call all this new-fangled RnB wonk from RIMAR. Then a new thing from FLAKO alongside BROKENCHORD ‘Come Back As A Flower’. Pitchfork reckons the next track’s artistes remain anonymous but that’s basically impossible when your voice is a as singular and iconic as MILOSH! Hook those vocal chords up with the production of ROBIN HANNIBAL of OWUSU & HANNIBAL/QUADRON fame and you have a Montgomery Brewster chance of fucking it up. Eagerly awaiting the RHYE album. Last of the crazed mellowness after that with a previously unreleased demo submitted by CEELO GREEN and WAAJEED for Whitney’s ‘I Look To You’ album. Obviously never got picked, little bit too close to the bone probably, weird CEELO singing about trying to get his marriage with Bobby back on track, but it’s still pretty great. If you sign up to WAAJEED’s brilliant website you get it free. Lot’s of great content on that site so well worth it.

After that the beats: Kaytradumus and Krystale, Haleek Maul (15 year old Barbadian apparently!), new free E.P from Wolfgang’s next big thing – Hodgy Beats, a dark track from Tunk and some Nintendo shit from producer extraordinaire Dibiase & AdAD. Finishing off the Beatmaker section, a track from Texan dude Schadillac who in a beat scene that is totally flooded with same ol’ still manages to find a signature style that sounds his own.

Gonna start pilfering around in the dusty corners of the shelves & the hard drive more in order to bring you some deepness from the days of yore (the 80’s n stuff). Been having a big funk leaning northern soul week, so after the honkytonk stride-fonk of IKE TURNER there’s some back to back tambourine wielding Wigan Casino shit from BETTYE LAVETE, CLEA BRADFORD, GEORGE KIRBY, the incomparable (don’t often get to say those syllables together) DARROW FLETCHER, RUBY ANDREWS and then because every mix needs some CHARLES STEPNEY – ‘I’m So Glad’ by JOE CATO from the mighty Chess back cat.

enjoy responsibly, click on the tracks below to buy!