Posted on: 28-12-2013

Mein Gott! 2013 was a bountiful year indeed for lovers of fine tunes. Now, I’ve tried to upload this bumper (2hrs 45ish!) podcast about seven times now so I’ll be keeping these notes brief. As is now traditional, join WYWRadio on a voyage through the year’s best folk (James Blake), barnyard soul (Eska), classic soul (Lady,) chicken shack soul (Valerie June), Queen of Soul 21st century style (Alice Russell), constipated pop (Autre ne Veut), Pop (Blood Orange), sidedrums (Theo Parrish and Tony Allen, with the awesome Andrew Ashong and Eska (reprise)), android sexual cyberpop (Janelle Monae), club-based ecstasy confusion (Thundercat), purepost-Outcastpop (Pharrell) west coast (Jonathan Wilson), southern (Night Moves), east coast (the National), the North (Johnny Marr), blue skies (Mikal Cronin), gutter shouting (King Krule), track off of WYWRadio’s album of the year (Califone), bedroom (Philip Owusu), motown (Tall Black Guy), hairy beats (Jonwayne), church beats (Black Milk), dangerous driving (Max Essa), comebacksmooth (Zero 7), houseytracksallmixedtogetherwithsomealarmingtimechanges (Beautiful Swimmers, James Welsh, Alex Burkat, Fort Romeau, Kon, Bobby Browser, Heterotic), purpleshiners (Lone), beachbardisco (Todd Terje), ubiquitousNileRodgers-ness (Daft Punk). It’s all there, it’s all WYWR, it’s all yours. Enjoy and see you in 2014!

Click on the tracks below for links to buy!

VS 2013: Twenty Thirteen: Fear, Uncertainty, Disco

Posted on: 16-12-2013

9246624311_65294cf9e0_b (1)

Twenty thirteen, all secrets and spying, disco and dancing. We begin with new work by cellist Oliver Coates, the PRAH label’s debut release. Don’t be fooled, it starts quiet but does’t stay that way for long. The Knife put on one of the most baffling shows of the year (imagine, “and now, the solid gold dancers!”) and Shaking the Habitual is difficult, dark listening. But these are strange times, and the percussion on Wrap Your Arms Around Me could be the best of any track this year. Burial brings up the atmosphere on Hiders, released just in time to make the best of. Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. But it’s probably just too much Grand Theft Auto V – Age of Consent’s thumping track comes from the in-game soundtrack. The excellently named Big Data explore the repercussions of their name and Facebook’s privacy policies in a cautionary take about sharing too much online in Dangerous. Autre Ne Veut escalates the emotion on the followup to his debut, Anxiety, on Counting.

Ethereal, lush Woman is best not attempted anytime soon at karaoke, and is followed up by Goodnight from what must be the most anticipated not-yet-announced album, from Philip Owusu. Bringing the tempo back up, it’s time to dance without intention thanks to Holy Ghost! “Put it off, and wait for another day” Well alright, then. Put it off is just what I’ve been doing with my running regimen which has turned to dust, but earlier in the year Disclosure provided the regular soundtrack with Defeated No More battling with Help Me Lose My Mind for favourite track. Lusine cover Electronic’s Get the Message followed by one of DJ Ringfinger’s favourites, Public Service Broadcasting, taking their samples from Prelinger films. A joyful evening was had by many of us this year at Punchdrunk Theatre’s The Drowned Man in London, Melt Yourself Down’s track We Are Enough soundtracks the finale wrapping up 3 hours of dance, doom, running after actors, and trying to work out what just happened, really. If nothing makes sense anymore, then it makes perfect sense for Arcade Fire to ask, “Do you like rock n’ roll music? Cuz I don’t know if I do…”

Another of DJ Ringfinger’s votes for Low leads off a trio of women. Carla Morrison is a rising star in Mexico, a special edition of Dejenme Llorar was released this year. Through her I fell into alt.latino music in a big way this year. On the more electronic end, Juana Molina returns with a swooning, huge new album.

After Unknown Mortal Orchestra, a tune from my album of the year: Serengeti’s Kenny Dennis LP. Kenny Dennis is a character-based concept album. Kenny being a Chicago-based rapper from the outfit Grim Teachers. He raps a lot about nutrition, getting lost, 5K challenges, and directions to Reno. In between, we’re introduced to stories about KD’s time on Powerball (“crush Nitro to the wall”), his protege Anders, wife Jules, and the Sharper Image on Michigan Avenue. “This will make sure that you don’t suggest to the KD’s he should grow greens instead of crunching out MC’s!” It’s a bit daft, but it makes me smile a whole lot, and rewards repeat listens of which there have been many for me this year.

Twenty thirteen’s headlines of fear, uncertainty and doubt can be found throughout a number of these cuts from Big Data to The Knife, but hey, if we’re going to go out with everything laid bare, we may as well go out dancing with a more upbeat take than ever take on the year that was – Janelle Monae implores us to dance towards the apocalypse before we wrap it all up with a song that you can’t help but move your feet to, Happy.

Until next year!

Cello And Autoharps – Oliver Coates
Wrap Your Arms Around Me – The Knife
Hiders – Burial
Colours – Age of Consent
Dangerous – Big Data
Counting – Autre Ne Veut
Woman – Rhye
Goodnight – Philip Owusu
Dumb Disco Ideas – Holy Ghost!
Defeated No More – Disclosure
Get the Message – Lusine
Theme from PSB – Public Service Broadcasting
We Are Enough – Melt Yourself Down
Normal Person – Arcade Fire
Just Make it Stop – Low
Disfruto – Carla Morrison
Lo Decidí Yo – Juana Molina
From the Sun – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
West of Western – Serengeti
Dance Apocalyptic – Janelle Monae
Happy – Pharrell Williams


Posted on: 15-12-2013

Crimbo! Tis the season to grind your teeth down to bloody jags trying to make a two hour Best Of show out of a 6 hour All Winners playlist (Scary full list at www.adtrax.co) Tis the season to give up eventually with head in hands, sozzled from desert-wine-interfacing and headphone-ensnaring chair-headnoddage and just get in the mix and see what happens.
Your joking if you think I have the mental strength for a commentary on this amount of goodness but here are some faux Adtrax awards for stand out achievements in emotional eructation in the year of our oh lawd 2013.

Best Album – Go Yama ‘Mobius Strips’
Best Compilation Series – Cosmic Compositions
Track most likely to make salt come out my eye – Olafur Arnalds ‘For Now I Am Winter’ feat. Arnor Dan
Most inspirational dance manoeuvres – Devonte Hynes
Track I came closest to swindling off the web cos I wanted it so bad but couldn’t flippin DL it – TFOX ‘Dear Sandy’
Songs most likely to induce dribbling at thought of follow up – Philip Owusu ‘Goodnight’ and Andrew Ashong ‘Special’
Fave rewonk – J Dilla & Frank n Dank – Game Over (Robot Orchestra Remix)
Dopest production talent for 14 – Brrd ..again
Illest wordsmithery in the pursuit of realness – Ivan Ave ‘Hands’
Most Todd Terje sounding dancefloor destroying deepdisco nonsense – Todd Terje ‘Strandbar’

Lux Natura – An Eclipse

Shigeto – Soul Searching

GO Yama – Choose The Last Door

Omari T. – War’s Blessing

Spacedtime – Turtle

Orlando Voorn – The Realness

Leon Vynehall – Brother

Mr. Carmack – Death

ESTA – Alina Baraz – Paradise (Prod. By ESTA.)

96wrld – Slave

Strange U – Klaatu Barada Nikto

Cappo – Iron Flyer [Boot Remix]

Omar – The Man

Saint Pepsi – Skylar Spence

Todd Terje – Strandbar (Disko)

Thundercat – Heartbreaks + Setbacks

Bibio – You

Atoms for Peace – Ingenue

Jonathan Wilson – Fanfare

Bonobo – First Fires (feat. Grey Reverend)

James Blake – Retrograde

Brrd – Blood Oath feat. Lord Byron

Ivan Ave – Hands (prod. by Fredfades)

GAGLE – (Good to Go)

Philip Owusu Goodnight

FiJi & Long Arm – Reunion

KRTS – Sunrise Over Warschauer (Sieren Remix)

Notuv – Hiatus

Nils Frahm – Peter (Clark Remix)

BMB SpaceKid – Up to the Galaxy (feat.Sophie Pearce)

Christoph El Truento – G a l a x y


Posted on: 30-11-2013

More of the good 2013 stuff for you this time out in show 60 (60!). I’ve been waiting months for the new EP from Eska who you might recognise from Cinematic Orchestra releases, amongst other magic tunes. Gatekeeper is a kinda hoe-down with whistling, but it sounds way better than that description for sure.

Some Bandcamp goodness follows – K-Def extending David Axelrod’s ‘Holy Thursday’ and ClassicBeatz giving us a fine groover called ‘1975’. His LP, Rumours of Royalty, comes highly recommended. After that it’s something from 2011 by the Tokyo-based Sapphire Slows. Track is called ‘Spin Lights Over You’ and she has a new lp out now which I’ll be checking soon…

Two good ‘uns next – something new and different from Clara Hill from a really interesting LP she’s just put out on Tapeta. Very different from her Sonar Kollectiv work. After that the wonderful ‘White Cherry’ by Laura Viers – a nice shuffler.

Prince gives us new track shared via Twitter (he’s taken to it like a purple duck to water) called Da Bourgeoisie – go get via the link on wwyradio.com, it’s free!

And then a mix. A mix! Recorded live at Foots Café in The Hague at Beat Special 2, this is an hour of power with the funk, the soul and the 80s in one special package. Expect tracks from Yesterday’s Folks, Peggy Lee, Carolyn Franklin, Quannum, Janet Jackson and Alexander O’Neal, Cameo, A Tribe Called Quest, and, yes, Prince.

To finish, something off the ace Blood Orange album (‘Uncle Ace’) and then three edits from the fantastic Basic Fingers label – enjoy them all I dare you.

Next time out – best of 2013! My how quickly the year has gone.

VS2013 Show #4 – The correct use of shovels

Posted on: 27-11-2013


It is tradition, at this time of the year to wish others well, to celebrate the success and ponder the failures of yet another year in our lives.  To share gifts, to kiss under the mistletoe and to have sex with Santa.  So this year, we took turns to give Santa the present he so richly deserves.  For Kurac it was a quasi-mystical experience, reminding him of his short, passionate love affair with David Crosby in the summer of 81.  Well, the beard rash was the real reminder.  Ringfinger, well he has always had bad memories of Christmas past.  This just added another to giant, growing catalogue that one day will help Dr Bob, the VS psychiatrist retire disgracefully to Vegas where Kitty the roulette dealer is waiting to fleece him.  You see, everyone we touch has gold waiting over the brown rainbow.  And SCSI-b, well she would not partake in this kind of abject puerile nonsense.  God for her puritan soul we say.  So onto the music…

SCSI-b and Ringfinger were very taken with punchdrunk’s new production in London called ‘The Drowned Man’.  It was an entirely discontinuous and dense immersive theatre production littered with cool sounds.  Here are three.  Firstly we have The Bootleggers from the Lawless soundtrack featuring Nick Cave and Burnin Hell. Next up is the amazing Shangri-Las, inaccurately only ever remembered for Leader of the Pack, but this amazing song actually came one single before that hit in 1964 (and went to #5).  Apparently, the original version is over 7 minutes long, unheard of in this era of the 7″ single.  Finally, April March with her cover of the France Gall ye-ye classic ‘Chick Habit – original version called Lasse Tomber les Filles’

Next we move onto the Kurac Collection.  He is the owner of the worlds largest collection of plush, puppet, animated, marionette and simply creepy Christian doll pop.  There is no one who can beat his collection.  I know, I was with him when we picked up the crowning glory of his collection at Boxhanger Platz market in Berlin – The prototype Little Marcy. E mail me for pictures.  Bernie the Billy Goat sings ‘Love is the reason’.  I have no idea why. Or How.  Charlie the Hamster sings Bible Stories came out in 1973 and features this little piece of Jesus Loving Chipmunkxploitation (More to come on this term later) and finally we get Little Marcy.  Oh where do we start.  She’s a doll. A real doll.  Who sings.  About Jesus, the devil and her little pussy.  We are not kidding.  Google it boys and girls.  This time she sings Devil, Devil, Go away.

lou_reedimages (4)

Next we pay tribute to the late great Lou Reed.  I ain’t going to make jokes, not even about Master Ren.  So we have Yugoslav new wave legends Elektricni Orgazm doing ‘I’m waiting for the man’ from their Les Chansones Populaires in 1983.  Then there is probably one of the most inappropriate cover versions ever committed to vinyl, and that is Rolf Harris taking a walk on the wild side and finally a cover that deserves and the mighty Galaxie 500 doing ‘Here she comes now’.  Hearing Dean Wareham do this in London a few years back was existential at best.


Yup, we begged him not to, but he insisted.  We called the lawyers. We asked for those cease and desist letters that ungrateful studios send to fans when they are trying to get people to read their slash fantasies between Peter Griffin and a giant chicken.  But we could not stop him.  DJ Ringfinger is back with a track called ‘Popular uses for a shovel’ mixing some post slowcore with amateur poetry record at SUNY in new York in 1976 (two poems by Bill Herilhy).  You can find the entire tape find here.

We abruptly end the sad life of Alvin, Simon and Theodore as they equally and quite inappropriately sing Walk on the Wild Side, with no amended lyrics.  yes, Chipmunks singing about giving head, and yes, its real, it’s from a K-Tel record called ‘Chipmunk Punk’.  After the gunshots we move to some Chipmunkxploitation.  Yes, it’s a real word, only those bastards at the so-called Oxford ‘English’ dictionary won’t recognise it. Featuring Chipmunks, hamsters, squirrels, whatever form of acorn filled cheek puffing furry creatures you could speed up human voices to imitate, they found ’em.  Here are two such beasts, Squirrely and Shirley from 1976 and The Nutty Squirrels from 1959.  These bookend the actual Chipmucks doing a cover Devo’s Whip it.  I think both SCSI-b and I are a little worried at the Kurac obsession with this.  You should see his Christmas list.  Oh Lord, Santa might blush.

Two tracks that are related only by the fact that Ringfinger found them in a record store on Sunday when he should have been hanging with the in-laws.  A man has to know his priorities.  The first is German maestro James Last covering Colored Spade from Hair.  F-U.N.K-Y.  The next is psych dude band ‘The Dave Pike Set’ and the heavy as funk cover of the James Brown’s ‘Got the Feelin’.  Both of these tracks will be heard at our final Beat Special for the year, Saturday 14th December at Foots Muziekcafe in the Hague.  Be there for crazy visuals, dirty great stinking beats and two of us plus our dear WYW radio friend DJ Mr Six.


Let’s finish off the set with two more songs featured in the Drowning Man.  From the soundtrack of Twin Peaks – Fire Walk with Me is the amazing ‘The Pink Room’ and finally we rock out with  Melt yourself down and their track ‘We are enough’.  This amazing track was released through Bandcamp this year and you can get it for yourself at this link.


Well, there you have it, another show, another year, half of what we did last year.  Yes, we are slowing down in our old age.  But will be back with SCSI-b and her wrap up of 2013 and then again next year with more vinyl madness, more weird shit and more warped and cracked music, and don’t forget, on Christmas day, be kind to your fellow man (woman or Billy goat) and stick a 12″ up yo….

Burnin’ Hell – The Bootleggers (featuring Nick Cave)
Remember (Walking in the Sand) – The Shangri-Las
Chick Habit – April March
Love is the Reason – Bernie the Billy Goat
Books of the new testament – Charlie the Hamster
I’m waiting for my man – Elektricni Orgazm
Walk on the Wild Side – Rolf Harris
Here she comes – Galaxie 500
Popular uses for a shovel – A sad waltz in d-minor
Walk on the Wild Side – a life cut short – The Chipmunks
Hey Shirley – Shirley and Squirelly
Whip It – The Chipmunks
Eager Beaver – The Nutty Squirrels
Kung Fu Fighting – Pinky and Perky
Coloured Spade – James Last
I got the Feelin’ – The Dave Pike Set
The Pink Room – Angelo Badalamenti
We are enough – Melt yourself down


∆DTR∆X 40

Posted on: 15-11-2013

ADTRAX 40 – Sufferin’ Succotash

New Robert Glasper album this month, it’s a bit hit and miss as with most of the Experiment studio records, but there are a couple of blinders including the joyous ‘I Stand Alone’ which manages to be mighty mighty despite Common’s usual lazy lyricism. Good job that dude has cadence super powers.

Big month for quality Hip Hop Albums. So many more incredible producers out there compared to rappers at the moment, too much throw away content and not enough realness. Thankfully though, no need to aim the vicious teeth of that particular bug bear in the direction of Jonwayne whose ‘Rap Album One’ is chock full of belters. Also this month some funny ass story-telling courtesy of Verb T and Quelle Chris and a-brace-yourself biggun from Cise Star & Blu who go nuts deep over some ridiculously mournful last post beat by P.R.

Last 31 days at adtrax HQ has been one epic rewind session on the new Spacedtime album ‘Spaces’. There are two tracks here, showcasing the dude’s ridiculous feel for genre-splicing. Heavy, raw, emotional electronic business, no doubt but fk me if I didn’t have a right old footwork session to it in my lounge last week. Legendary East Anglian rididims!

Slow dance section is out of control this time around – with new music from Dornik, Long Arm, Anthony Hamilton and the Benny Tones, even Om Unit has enlisted the mighty Jinadu from Beauty Room to add some introspection to his drum weight.

Basically it’s all bumper no filler culminating in the Kodak Cameo/Saint Pepsi edit which sounds like Twilight Sparkle (from My Little Pony crew) playing out at Fabric. Impossible to ward off of the tune though, believe me I’ve tried a trance exorcism. No luck – Reverend Hucklebuck left mine covered in glitter on the Friendship Express Train.

Best of 2013 coming soon, plus couple of special shows and rumour has it Six and I might actually get time to do a sequel to the now mythical ‘No one beats Vitas Gerulaitis 17 times’ Mixtape for WYWRadio.

S’it Peace



Saint Pepsi – Unhappy (Kodak Cameo edit)


Posted on: 09-11-2013

New stuff galore this time out with a hefty side order of old and obscure. There’s a real ton of great tunes out there at the moment, plenty of which didn’t make it into this show – am hoping to get another show in before the best of 2013 which this year should be quite a strong one…

Kicking off with the mighty team-up of the Kronos Quartet and TV on the Radio – their cover of Fela’s Sorrow Tears and Blood is just fantastic. Comes from the tribute compilation Red Hot and Fela which has other great tracks too. Following that with Donovan (!) and then something off the great new Jonathan Wilson LP – this one’s Fazon and the whole record is well worth getting if you like the guitar/west coast combo. Or if you like Steely Dan.

Rae and Christian have returned after a long time away with a new album ‘Mercury Rising’ and here you’ve got what I think is the best track – ‘1975’. Also back is The Field with a new album which does exactly what you want from a new album by the Field. I would recommend listening to it while travelling – perhaps sitting in a window seat on a train would be best.

Soul 223 give us some nice beats for our ears, then we take a journey through a history of a sample – the killer break from 24 Carat Black’s 1973 track ‘Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth’ which has just popped up again on the nice new EP by the Blaxploited Orchestra. In between the old and the new I’ve sandwiched the mighty Young Disciples’ use of the break in their 1992 track ‘Step Right On (Dub)’. If you don’t own the Young Disciples only album ‘Road to Freedom’ then I believe you should leave your house this instant and find a copy.

Quieter next with something ‘Bizarre’ from Perera Elsewhere, and then the brilliant Matthew E.White returns with a new EP called Outer Face. Kwes wraps up this section with a track off his debut album – called ‘ B_shf_l’.

Second half of the show takes it up a little – crazy French cosmic disco from the 70s by Universal Energy, two new ones on 100% Silk, one by Policy and the other by Les Level. That track follows one for Stu Flower – William S which is taken from the mammoth 50 track strong compilation of Acid House by Terry Farley which came out recently on Demon. God that is worth getting, and WYWRadio has been remiss for not playing you more tracks off it. Go get (remember, the links to buy all of these tunes are on the website).

Dotted around in between these tracks you’ve got beats and business from Maribou State and the garage-y Art of Tones, plus Space Ranger and something off the new Cut Copy album which must have been recorded in 1991 surely?

To finish, two for Lou. Bon Voyage Mr. Reed!

Beat Special #2 – Beat Again

Posted on: 23-10-2013

beat special 2

Yes, Beat Special are back after the hugely successful dance-a-thon that was Beat Special #1.We return to Foots Eetcafé Den Haag for another night of beat, psych, groove, freak, global sixties and funk that only Beat Special could bring you. Want more? Of course, you do. New visuals, even more dirty beats, trippy lighting and two giant wielen van staal. The only place to be in the Hague really. It will be cool, it will rock and it will be the best night of your life. Promise 🙂 #

The Hague used to be known as the Beatstad, the pumping heart of beat and soul in the vinyl jungle. What You Want Radio brings the Beat back AGAIN to The Hague with Beat Special, a special party night featuring the swinging and funky tunes of DJs Mr Six, SCSI-b and Ringfinger.

Beat Special #2 will be held at Muziekcafe Foots, Reinkenstraat 18, The Hague, NL on Saturday 2nd November from 9pm. Beat Special will be an experience of funk, soul, 60s French, psych and balearic grooves lit up with cool visuals and a modern sense of style.

For more information go to our Facebook page. Meanwhile, check the tunes from the last party here on Soundcloud!


Posted on: 13-10-2013

A.K.A Trial By Treebeast

Have a lucky dip of your ear hole into this tombola of beguilement.
Amongst the recently spawned creations I have collected from around our forest realm this month are a beautiful dose of realness from Banks, a brace of Oddisee joints from his fine new double album, some melodious crunk from H20$$$Sports$$$, Aleph’s brekdancer destroying ‘Overheat’, Yam Who?’s cheekyrework of the Georgy Benson cover of ‘Love Ballad‘. Some supreme synth noises from Sunclef, a vein of coal-face astral traveling courtesy of Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and some fine ass funkboog from Pomo.

Banks – Bedroom Wall

Alina Baraz – Paradise (Prod. By ESTA.)

Ta-Ku – Krule Love

Olaf Stuut – Siren

Weep – I’m Kid

H20$$$SPORTS$$$ – \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Danny Brown – The Return (feat. Freddie Gibbs) (Prod. Paul White)

Abdi – Yolo (prod. by Psymun)

Oddisee – Be There (Tangible Dream)

Guilty Simpson & Small Professor – On the Run (feat. DJ Revolution)

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – City Livin

Aleph – Overheat

Dexterous Numerics – Eternity Equation

Tensnake – See Right Through (feat. Fiora) [Medlar Remix]

Jimpster – Porchlight and Rocking Chairs (KiNK Remix)

Art of Tones – The Same Thing

Yam Who? – What The People Say

Pomo – So Fine

Kaytranada – At All

Iamnobodi – Do What You Love

Steve Spacek – Dollar (Sunclef Re-amp)

Oddisee – Patience In Play

PopTartPete – Uppercut Chick

B 3 N B i – Ken Griffey Jr’s Swing

Ackryte – Secret Ether

Tuamie – Reoccurring Feeling of Lonliness + Chrome

Go Yama – I Can See No Way (Florence & the Machine flip)

Shintaro Sakamoto – From The Dead

The Stepkids – The Lottery

Sasac – All Pleasures

Mura Masa – Hustleblood


Posted on: 06-10-2013

Lots of lots of new stuff, plenty of old stuff, all good stuff. WYWR 58 kicks off with probably the best track off the new Janelle Monae lp and y’all can get ‘Dance Apocalyptic’ as much as you want. Album is definitely worth a listen, I’m just trying to find time to really wallow in it – the last one was so good for me this one is going to have to work to make the grade.

The new Stepkids LP, on the other hand, is more immediate and bursting with gems. For you, ‘Sweet Salvation’. That’s followed by what I understand (from 14tracks.com) is a good example of hypnagogic pop – ‘Tell Her’ by Obey City. A nice EP from them (check 14tracks for more insane compilations).

I had to put the other track by Theo Parrish and Tony Allen’s supergroup on this show, you had another one on the last show. This time ‘Feel Loved’ and hell is it good. Roll on an album.

Numero Group have come good AGAIN with their new Forte Records compilation. Three for you from that – The Fabulous Rhythm Makers, Marva Whitney (hell that’s a tune, ‘Daddy Don’t Know About Sugar Bear’) and Gene Williams. Go get on vinyl or MP3 using the links in the tracklist.

A 30 minute mix next, culled form the 3 hours of fun we had down at Café Foots last weekend. Biggup to VS Radio for all the good stuff, hope you can hear we were bringing some 60s beats to the game. In the mix: Mandingo, Certain Lions and Tigers, stuff off the Hanged Man soundtrack, Soul Makossa and more.

Pastoral time next, kick back, relax! New King Krule (a helluva voice), Brendan Canning, Stumbleine and Califone, old Ultramarine and the very 1990-1991 Beloved. Take it easy, WYWRadio commands you.

Into the finishing straight we bring back some beats with the downtempo Dutch Balearica of Flash and the Pan, followed by an edit of Millie Jackson by the consistently good 78 edits. Then two new ones from LTJ/Ivory Boy and something a little faster by the Art of Tones. To conclude: the marvellous return of Zero 7, bringing us perfect Balearic pop for the very very end of the European summer. Can’t wait for that album now…

Enjoy, spread the word, and tune in next time! Click on the tracks below to go somewhere on the interweb to purchase!