Posted on: 16-06-2013

Salutations. Here’s a concoction of the best of the medicinals I inbibed in the past month.
Included within

New Koreless, apparently he has technical revelations in his sleep, good sign. Don’t expect a roller skating booty shorts and kool aid vibe from ‘Sun’ though, it’s more of – space shuttle full of screaming astronauts being sucked inexorably into a pulsating furnace of nuclear fusion – type affair.

A track from the new Baths LP, out this month on the endlessly brilliant Anticon record label. Really brave and affecting album. You will possibly find a small salty pear shaped joy droplet precipitates from your ear duct pon deep listening when clocking lines like ‘are you maybe here to help me hurt myself’, it’s the phoenix balls.

1 from Thundercat, what can you say bout that dude. Been waiting for this to drop for a wee while especially ‘heartbreaks’, he be the gatekeeper of a wormhole between the 1980s and 2030s.

Biggie from Omar, still staying true to his sound, still sounding fresh though after all these years. Big pimp bassoon.

Another good rap album, uhhuh that’s like two or something this year already! So two tracks from Zeroh, with top production and special guests including Jon Wayne, and Quelle Chris.
‘You mind handing me the beverage all the way to the left’

Couple of tracks with facemelting chords of course, one from the Russian Federation, its where all facemelting chords should emanate from – BMB SpaceKid depressing the keys on that one and warming up for Metome to finish the job and leave your boatrace synthwrecked with just a smile floating in a kind of ooze that looks like a load of melted mentos.

New big remix from Je$u$, a track from a super group consisting of Theo Parrish, Andrew Ashong, Eska and Tony Allen on Theo’s new label Wildheart, new DJ Mitsu, plus tons more.

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