Posted on: 09-11-2013

New stuff galore this time out with a hefty side order of old and obscure. There’s a real ton of great tunes out there at the moment, plenty of which didn’t make it into this show – am hoping to get another show in before the best of 2013 which this year should be quite a strong one…

Kicking off with the mighty team-up of the Kronos Quartet and TV on the Radio – their cover of Fela’s Sorrow Tears and Blood is just fantastic. Comes from the tribute compilation Red Hot and Fela which has other great tracks too. Following that with Donovan (!) and then something off the great new Jonathan Wilson LP – this one’s Fazon and the whole record is well worth getting if you like the guitar/west coast combo. Or if you like Steely Dan.

Rae and Christian have returned after a long time away with a new album ‘Mercury Rising’ and here you’ve got what I think is the best track – ‘1975’. Also back is The Field with a new album which does exactly what you want from a new album by the Field. I would recommend listening to it while travelling – perhaps sitting in a window seat on a train would be best.

Soul 223 give us some nice beats for our ears, then we take a journey through a history of a sample – the killer break from 24 Carat Black’s 1973 track ‘Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth’ which has just popped up again on the nice new EP by the Blaxploited Orchestra. In between the old and the new I’ve sandwiched the mighty Young Disciples’ use of the break in their 1992 track ‘Step Right On (Dub)’. If you don’t own the Young Disciples only album ‘Road to Freedom’ then I believe you should leave your house this instant and find a copy.

Quieter next with something ‘Bizarre’ from Perera Elsewhere, and then the brilliant Matthew E.White returns with a new EP called Outer Face. Kwes wraps up this section with a track off his debut album – called ‘ B_shf_l’.

Second half of the show takes it up a little – crazy French cosmic disco from the 70s by Universal Energy, two new ones on 100% Silk, one by Policy and the other by Les Level. That track follows one for Stu Flower – William S which is taken from the mammoth 50 track strong compilation of Acid House by Terry Farley which came out recently on Demon. God that is worth getting, and WYWRadio has been remiss for not playing you more tracks off it. Go get (remember, the links to buy all of these tunes are on the website).

Dotted around in between these tracks you’ve got beats and business from Maribou State and the garage-y Art of Tones, plus Space Ranger and something off the new Cut Copy album which must have been recorded in 1991 surely?

To finish, two for Lou. Bon Voyage Mr. Reed!