Posted on: 16-07-2014

Whattuppdow. These words are the emissaries of Adtrax 48. They describe the 2 man-hours of drunken sonatas and meticulous poems that myself & Axion 117 have blended into a sonic nectar and now lies just a link click away from percolating deliciously through your noggin’s fabled ear-gates. Upon breaching said ear-gates, Adtrax 48 promises to sally forth into the wondrous citadel of your greymatter carrying with it missives from some of the galaxies most dope sound-sorcerers and electric-feelers. Do not fear, Adtrax 48 is not an agent of capital, it wants nothing in return, only to share what it has found because it believes in the power of music and has meander-scoured the earth to bring you nuthin but the illest spreadlove to help unfurl your third-eye. If you are stirred or anyway moistened by something flowing within the waters of Adtrax 48 then please visit the delta at where you will find details of the emanation addresses of all the artists and where you can find a sht load of treasure that will make you want to pledge currency in lieu of their future voyages.

Axion117 Selection

olof melander – greetings
axion117 – turning back
luviia – rainybar
amin payne – winter in Melbourne
lord akton – move towards freedom feat verb ink
versis & bagir-ba – barista
babel metis – nocebo
canooooopy – 傘鳴らす頃には(in the umbrellic season)
kid atlaas – we shall overcome
jamevu – blackcard
kaligraph E – fonkflexin
tek nalo G – heaven knows
melodiesinfonie – sugar soul swing
harris cole – her
chiara noriko – j dilla-flowers( insrumental)
axion117 feat.goyama – one night groove
DOC mastermind – avenue d’ltalie monomite)
ben bada boom x invention – vxtamxn
lexus – can’t keep loving
jill scott – golden (lidly remix)
kenja & rxn – sorry

Duchamp’s Selection

Like – Which Hazel?
ichiro – 370
B3NBi – misadventures
Busdriver – Ego Death (feat. Aesop Rock & Danny Brown) Prod. Jeremiah Jae
J’Von & LAKIM – lurkdynamites.comeback
18sense. & Adjaman – no strings
RICH – Aroma(ft. Jeph Anthony)[prod. by grimm doza & ฬเןl]
Green Assassin Dollar – Hidden Sun
ShunGu & SNK∆ – Shunk
Melodiesinfonie – Hey!
C Y G N x Harris Cole – Sour Bubble
Aksua – Far Away
Nullspace – aju
Karavelo – Trees
Arμ-2 -ni do ne
wūf – memories
Massive Attack – Teardrop (TUFO remix)
thad wenatchee – if i had time
Iman Omari – Take You There
Astronote – World ft. Blakk Soul & Séou
Zen¡th – Let flow in the water

Big respect and thank you to the dude Axion 117 for the dope guest mix this month.