Posted on: 07-08-2014

Oh my. New music keeps on coming folks. This time out we’re immersed in disco and house, with a fair bit of the mellow stuff…

Hotlane are straight outta Berlin, and they’re on the up. Check ‘Whenever’ and get in the mood. Then get in your car and drive to your holiday destination and while you’re doing that, play the Paqua LP. You won’t regret it. The ace track ‘We Came Far’ gives you the album vibe in just one song.

Then the return of Herbert! He is back! And he has bought his melodic-house-could-have-been-on-Ruby-Blue side! (nb. Ruby Blue, one of the best electronic house LPs in the last decade I think). New track One Two Three is for you.

After that, a brief turn into the world of beatmakers – a free Soundcloud edit from DJ Day, and then a track of the new Budgie EP. Budgie came correct last year with a compilation of mad 80s gospel tracks, now he’s laying down beats. Nice ones.

I felt the need to go smooth this week, now that we’re at the height of the European summer. Sade (WYWRadio regular), Jose Padilla of Ibiza fame (now on International Feel), and then the legend that is Lewis, mystery man of smoothness, made one record with an amazing cover (check his hair) and then disappeared. Or did he!? Seems that someone recently found a second LP by Lewis in Canada. Also with an amazing cover! Soon to be played here, no doubt.

Derrick Hodge continues the downtempo with a track from a very eclectic LP on Blue Note, then we get a classic from another man who disappeared – Jim Sullivan. Also on Light in the Attic records like Lewis, seems it’s a label for strays.

After that, Spanish garage from teenage girls. Deers, they’re called. And they’re ace.

Fans of 80s soundtracks recorded off the TV should check the Eleventeen Eston LP on Not Not Fun, while fans of Tim Burgess and high-quality relaxing electronica should check the Seahawks LP from earlier this year, is class.

After that three practitioners of modern soul. The Fatima LP on Eglo is superb, so we’re giving you ‘Do Better’, the slept-on ‘Liquid Love’ from Chris Turner is just as good, while the new album from Jungle (er, ‘Jungle’) has a great feel and sound to it. You get ‘Accelerate’. The album’s on XL.

Two from a genius next: Larry Heard. ‘Can You Feel It?’ is a stone-cold winner, and was recently re-issued on digital and vinyl. I delved back in the collection to compliment it with something from the legendary Fingers Inc. LP from 1988 – ‘Mysteries of Love’.

Finally the uptempo stuff. Noo have a great three song EP out and you get ‘No More’, the there’s soulful house-y business from The Dedication before WYWRadio favourite Erdbeerschnitzel gives us one from his new EP called ‘The Ample Waters’.

To finish, a tribute. Mad good drummer to the jazz funk greats, and supreme artist in his own right, Idris Muhammad has passed away. It seems appropriate to play the stomer that is ‘Could Heaven Ever Be Like This’. Just how good is this tune?