Posted on: 13-09-2014

The delay! Two weeks late with my homework and the shame is burning strong. But not to worry – WYWR has mo’ tunes and plenty of newness to welcome you back…

A bit of muddy production if you ask me, but the fire is burning strong in the new track by We Are Shining. Eska is in there in the mix somewhere, I can’t quite draw her out but I do like the track.

Beats are in plentiful supply this week. Ahwlee has something new out on Bandcamp which is well worth a listen – you get ‘antwuan fishn’ (yeah, I cant say it either) and then that’s followed with newness from the one and only Diggs Duke, now on Brownswood. Like that.

Cazal Organism channels Sade, then we get into the track I like the most off the album that a lot of people seem to like recently by FKA Twigs. I gotta say the jury is still out for me – it’s kinda one-paced but maybe I got to give it some serious headphones or something. You guys get ‘Video Girl’.

Laura Groves is the lead singer in Nautic who are all up in Bullion’s stable, and she had an EP out last year that ‘Pale Shadows’ is from. Is nice and sets us up for a west coast vibe with an edit of ‘Glass Off’ by Bearnie Leadon (ex-Eagles) and Michael Georgiades Band and then a sweet one by The Steve Miller Band. Steve Miller Band on WYWR!

Fuxa seem like a great outfit I’ve missed, so I’ve thrown up Fuxa for your listening pleasure. After that it’s something from the Music from Memory label which has only put out three things I think, but they’re all great. The most recent LP is by Joan Bibloni and it’s got boogie and Balearic on there, as well as some insane cultish track on side two. Have decided to go with the almost 80s George Duke-like ‘Sa Fosca’ this time out.

A bit of a vinly section for the middle of the show, digging some funk, soul and disco. Massive Attack sampled Lowrell’s ‘Mellow Mellow Right On’ so that’s served up for you, then Barrabas give a nice New York vibe for ‘Mellow Blow’, followed by The Natural Four, Eddie Kendricks going up in smoke, and then Bileo’s ‘You Can Win’ (which is actually a digital re-issue).

African disco funk! One from Zambia by Witch, and then another from Ghana by Nana Love. Enjoy.

Tempo goes up for the final part of the show. Ennio Styles on the remix for Kerbside Collection, the new Leon Vynehall (always excellent, from what I can tell), DJ Raw Sugar with the new production, then an edit by Werkshy of ‘It’s Gonna be Alright’ by Change.

Zero 7 slowly move towards a new album with ‘Simple Science’ which is off an EP with three other nice tracks. And then to finish – Panama give it their big piano thing with ‘Stay Forever’. Another winner on Future Classic from down under.

And that’s your lot. Another one very soon come.