Posted on: 05-10-2014

WYWRadio #70. Phew. Time to come back at you again from the slightly wonky side in celebration of, well, a fair few episodes of good tunes, dusty breaks and slow moving house.

Kicking the wonk off with a version of ‘Superstition’ that I truly didn’t like at first – a throwback to Russ Dewbury’s Jazz Rooms in Brighton all those years ago. From a great comp on Counterpoint if you can find it.

Smokey. He’s going to a Go-Go. Nuff said.

Cliff Nobles sounds like a minor league snooker player but in fact he’s got the funk. And a horse outside.

Marc Moulin and his mates were Placebo long before that fella with the pasty face and jet black hair. And they were Belgian, which the next-gen Placebo certainly weren’t (to the best of my knowledge). Here you’re getting the awesomeness of Balek. Check that intro.

Mandingo are in the all time WYWR hall of fame and I had to pick up an LP I didn’t have recently in New York. For you: the easy stylings of ‘The Snake Pit’. Go do your 60s detective work to this one.

Next, and courtesy of Louis ‘7 8 Trak’ Takacs, Mor Thiam (we’re thinking it’s pronounced ‘More Time’) gives us perfect wonk with his gumbo Missouri gem ‘Ayo Ayo Nene’. Oooh, how this works.

‘Cocody’s’ is a little 7 inch I heard playing a record store a few years back and jus had to have – I think it fits nicely with the Mandingo and Mor Thiam.

Then we change it up with a bit more electronic weirdness. Moonshot noises from Luca Lozano, then a suite from Lapalux which is sweet. Newness from Thom Yorke and his crazy dancing next, that was a nice surprise the other week, then following that with another man on his own path, WYWRadio’s man of the year from, ooh, 1892, Paul White. A good LP if you’re into it – Shaker Notes is the name.

Andras Fox is from Australia and has that kinda low-key Mr Fingers thing going on. Was waiting for this for ages, thanks to the folks at Mexican Summer. Fuxa keep the summer thing going with ‘Electric Sound of Summer’ while Coyote keeps the electric thing going with ‘Electric Sunburst’ which is off the excellent compilation of 5 years of recordings on the Is it Balearic? label.

Building up to the finish. Excellent and now hard to find 7 inch on Wah Wah recordings from Cheyenne, Z records give us two from a new compilation fro Nick the Record – M.C And His Great Cooga-Moogas (like, really?) and Theo Parrish fave ‘Aint No Need’ by Skye. Sandwiched in the middle the disco discovery of last year, Stephen Encinas’ ‘Disco Illusion’.

House n’stuff at the end of the show comes from Al Dobson Jnr representing Peckham, Erdbeerschnitzel giving us the free to download ‘Treat’, something new on 100% Silk by Lunate, another freebie by the Dead Rose Music Company and then to finish the wonderful mashup of Chic and Soul II Soul by Late Night Tuff Guy.

And that’s your lot. Links to buy all tracks at www.whatyouwantradio.com