Posted on: 29-12-2014

Best of 2014 yo!

Well, by the time you’re hearing this I’m guessing your Christmas is done and dusted and you’re sitting surrounded by piles of lovely new vinyl, CDs, download coupons or gramaphone records depending on your hipness. But the question remains – how many of your favourite tunes this year made it into the WYWRadio best of 2014? This mailout I’m not going to break it down for you track by track but instead I’m asking you to get yourself cosy, put on your headphones or your stereo, and kick back with two hours of tunes from the best records of the year, with tracks all over the indierockbalearicbeatshousedisco spectrum. A full tracklisting is below with names you’ll know and love – or maybe not (yet) so just dive in and enjoy. WhatYouWant Radio will resume normal service at the end of January. Have a great New Year folks!!

Mr Six.