WhatYouWant Radio. The radio station you didn’t know you wanted until you found it. Home of the locally famous monthly WYWR show that will give you Mark E, Maxayn and Chris Rea in the same hour. Home of VS Radio and all the weird wonders that come from the mind of the musically disturbed. Yep, only here can you find all manner of badass wonkiness, Balearic blissfulness, dusty scarceness and some songs with choruses. Funk, soul, jazz, beats, breaks, accordions, hiphop, postpost-dubstep, donk. Wow, what happened to donk?! New stuff, old stuff and guest shows every couple of weeks or thereabouts. It’s like a real radio station, only slightly shoddier. And what’s more we’re gonna be leading you to an oasis of new music that you can get your grubby hands on immediately – where it’s do-able, podcast tracklistings will come with links to online stores where you can buy tracks and keep our favourite artists in bread and crackers.

So follow WYWR on Twitter, adore the mighty Tumblr, or set your RSS feeds to stun and get the automatic news on what’s been happening. Oh, and we occasionally do gigs of tremendous quality, do keep up.

A final reminder: this is relatively Beta (well, it’s five years old, but…). Send all thoughts, complaints, insults or requests in and we’ll take them on board as we slowly expand over the coming years. Join us, we are WhatYouWant.